Secaucus Police: Detailed Blotter Report (September 18-24, 2023)

Secaucus Police Blotter
Secaucus Police Department Weekly Blotter

Secaucus Police Department Weekly Blotter: Detailed Incidents from September 18-24, 2023

Secaucus, NJ – The Secaucus Police Department has released its weekly blotter, detailing a series of incidents and arrests that transpired from September 18 to September 24, 2023.

Theft and Drug Arrests at Royal Motel On September 18, precisely at 1:49 PM, officers from the Secaucus Police Department were dispatched to the Royal Motel, situated at 650 Route 3 West. This was in response to a theft incident reported a day earlier, on September 17. The ensuing investigation led to the arrest of Hoboken resident, Michele Fuccilli, aged 60, and Jessica Reyes, a 32-year-old from Fairview, NJ. Both individuals now face charges for Possession of CDS, believed to be Crack Cocaine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Furthermore, Reyes was found to have an outstanding warrant from Hoboken, NJ, carrying a bail amount of $3,000, with an option to pay 10%. While Fuccilli received a complaint summons and was subsequently released, Reyes, unable to post the required bail, was transported to the Hudson County Jail.

Bicycle Violation Escalates to Warrant Arrest In the early hours of September 19, at 12:03 AM, Secaucus Police officers halted a bicycle near Secaucus Road and Enterprise Avenue. The reason for the stop was the bicycle’s lack of a rear lamp or reflector. The rider, identified as Jeffrey Jordan, a 37-year-old resident of Jersey City, NJ, was discovered to have an outstanding warrant from Jersey City. The warrant carried a bail amount of $2,000, with a 10% option. Unable to secure the bail, Jordan was taken into custody and later handed over to the Jersey City Police Department.

Knife Threat at Sam’s Club On the evening of September 19, officers were called to Sam’s Club, located at 300 Park Plaza Drive, at 6:02 PM. The call was regarding an individual allegedly threatening another person with a knife. The police arrested Jose Mendez-Figueroa, a 41-year-old from Paterson, NJ, who had an outstanding NCIC warrant issued by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office. With no bail option available for this warrant, Mendez-Figueroa was handed over to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office for further proceedings.

NJ Transit Police Transfer Later that day, at 9:01 PM, officers from the NJ Transit Police Department arrived at the Secaucus Police Headquarters, located at 1203 Paterson Plank Road. They were there to transfer custody of Joe Johnson, a 33-year-old from New York, NY. Johnson had two outstanding warrants from Secaucus, NJ, amounting to a total of $2,000. Unable to post bail, Johnson was subsequently transported to the Hudson County Jail.

Traffic Stops Lead to Multiple Arrests On September 20, during a routine traffic stop at 10:28 AM, officers arrested Engers Gomezsusana, a 25-year-old from Newark, NJ. He had an outstanding warrant from South Hackensack, NJ, with a bail set at $750. South Hackensack Police later took custody of Gomezsusana.

Another traffic stop on September 21, around 8:23 AM near 777 Secaucus Rd, resulted in the arrest of Kewan Eley, a 27-year-old from Irvington, NJ. Eley faced charges for producing a False Insurance Card and was also slapped with several motor vehicle summonses, including one for Driving While Suspended. He was then transported to the Hudson County Jail.

Suspicious Activity at TD Bank On September 22, at 10:10 AM, Secaucus Police units were alerted to a potential case of Theft by Deception at TD Bank, located at 1262 Paterson Plank Rd. The on-scene investigation culminated in the arrest of John Cochrane, a 28-year-old from East Orange, NJ. Cochrane now faces multiple charges, including Credit Card Theft, Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Deception, Money Laundering, and Possession of CDS. He was processed and later transported to the Hudson County Jail.

Father and Son Arrested in Traffic Stop On September 23, at 10:20 AM, a traffic stop near 35 Enterprise Ave led to the arrest of Paul Snellings Sr., 49, of Clifton, NJ, and Paul Snellings Jr., 33, of Bogota, NJ. Both had outstanding warrants. Snellings Sr. managed to post his bail and was released, while Snellings Jr. was taken into custody by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

The Secaucus Police Department wishes to remind the public that all charges are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.