SECAUCUS, NJ – Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli and Town Council are excited to announce that we have ranked #1 in Hudson County for our recycling efforts, which includes residential collections, paper carton recycling, Bigbelly recycling cans, public education on recycling and strong relationships with businesses to establish and maintain recycling programs. The efforts of the Environmental Department and the DPW have allowed us to accomplish such an impressive goal, along with landing us amongst the top recycle-friendly towns in New Jersey each year. According to Mayor Gonnelli, “The Town of Secaucus takes many measures to achieve its recycling goals and we are proud to be number one in Hudson County!”

Stephen Badalamenti, Secaucus’ Recycling Coordinator, has been helping the Town go green for over five years. With the assistance of the Environmental Department and the DPW, Badalamenti has brought Secaucus to an 88% recycling rate, aiding in the #1 ranking in Hudson County.

If you are interested in helping Secaucus reach its next recycling goal, you can visit www.secaucusnj.gov and use an easy search engine that will let you know how and where to dispose of your recyclable items. Click around and find green newsletters with tips and tricks to help you be more environmentally friendly. Also, remember to contact the DPW at (201) 330-2080 if you need larger recyclable items taken from your home or business.

We applaud anyone who has taken the time to use these resources, as you have helped us accomplish this goal. With so many options, it’s easy for Secaucus residents to go green!