Secaucus Resident Alleges He Was Choked By Union City Mayor Brian Stack



Secaucus Resident Alleges He Was Choked By Union City Mayor Brian Stack

Stack denied an altercation ever occurred.

A Secaucus resident claims he was choked by Union City Mayor Brian Stack at a holiday party he hosted at Schuetzen Park on Friday.

The alleged victim, Ray Mitchell, 33, states, via a 14-page report filed with North Bergen police, that Stack said to him “why are you with those guys, I’ll kick your ass!” before choking Mitchell with both hands, shaking him back and forth. Mitchell then broke free and called the police, he says in the police report. It is not stated outright who Stack was referring to when he said “those guys.”

A witness for Mitchell, a 33-year-old West New York resident, told police that Stack said “I want to beat you up and destroy you” while he was choking Mitchell. Also via the report, Stack, a state senator of the 33rd district, indicated that he knows who Mitchell is but did not actually see him at the function.

“Mr. Stack stated that he never assaulted Mr, Mitchell and advised us that this is being done as retaliation because Mr. Mitchell attempts to video tape his township meeting (sic). Mr. Stack stated that Mr. Mitchell was asked to leave the meetings and escorted out,” the police report says.

Additional information provided by the police report says that Union City Commissioner Chris Irizarry “came between both parties” and told Mitchell to leave. Mitchell’s witness also states that Irizarry told Stack “you did good by doing that, that’s what they deserve” after seeing him choke Mitchell.

According to the report, the witness then heard Stack tell Irizarry “no one’s gonna beat me” and “assumed a boxing stance swaying side to side.”

The North Bergen Detective Bureau took photographs of red marks on the sides and back of Mitchell’s neck, however, police also indicate that surveillance footage of the event did not capture any sort of altercation between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. when the incident allegedly occurred.

Police also determined that they did not see Stack present in an of the video which was analyzed from the event.

Mitchell declined to speak with Hudson County TV initially, stating that he wanted to speak with his lawyer before he made any statements about the situation. Stack, Irizarry and City Spokesman Mark Albiez did not return calls made by Hudson County TV.

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