Secaucus Resident Alleges He Was Choked By Union City Mayor Brian Stack



Secaucus Resident Alleges He Was Choked By Union City Mayor Brian Stack

Stack denied an altercation ever occurred.

A Secaucus resident claims he was choked by Union City Mayor Brian Stack at a holiday party he hosted at Schuetzen Park on Friday.

The alleged victim, Ray Mitchell, 33, states, via a 14-page report filed with North Bergen police, that Stack said to him “why are you with those guys, I’ll kick your ass!” before choking Mitchell with both hands, shaking him back and forth. Mitchell then broke free and called the police, he says in the police report. It is not stated outright who Stack was referring to when he said “those guys.”

A witness for Mitchell, a 33-year-old West New York resident, told police that Stack said “I want to beat you up and destroy you” while he was choking Mitchell. Also via the report, Stack, a state senator of the 33rd district, indicated that he knows who Mitchell is but did not actually see him at the function.

“Mr. Stack stated that he never assaulted Mr, Mitchell and advised us that this is being done as retaliation because Mr. Mitchell attempts to video tape his township meeting (sic). Mr. Stack stated that Mr. Mitchell was asked to leave the meetings and escorted out,” the police report says.

Additional information provided by the police report says that Union City Commissioner Chris Irizarry “came between both parties” and told Mitchell to leave. Mitchell’s witness also states that Irizarry told Stack “you did good by doing that, that’s what they deserve” after seeing him choke Mitchell.

According to the report, the witness then heard Stack tell Irizarry “no one’s gonna beat me” and “assumed a boxing stance swaying side to side.”

The North Bergen Detective Bureau took photographs of red marks on the sides and back of Mitchell’s neck, however, police also indicate that surveillance footage of the event did not capture any sort of altercation between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. when the incident allegedly occurred.

Police also determined that they did not see Stack present in an of the video which was analyzed from the event.

Mitchell declined to speak with Hudson County TV initially, stating that he wanted to speak with his lawyer before he made any statements about the situation. Stack, Irizarry and City Spokesman Mark Albiez did not return calls made by Hudson County TV.

For further coverage of the situation, log onto

North Bergen Police Report (click link for Police Report)


    • Mr. Pants on Fire:

      I know the victim personally and he has never committed a felony.

      In your rush to research who the victim is, you stumbled on a Raymond C Mitchell, now in his mid 60s, who was convicted on numerous charges-some of them being felonies.

      The victim is 33 years old–someone else.

      You’re committing libel (look it up) and should properly research before spouting your two cents on a police matter and defaming the reported victim.

      Note: This has nothing to do with the political war between Nick Sacco and Brian Stack.

      By the way: Mr. Mitchell was a volunteer in Stack’s last election.

      And for the record: I believed that Stack was a GOOD MAN. He’s done plenty of good things for Union City, but now, this incident really puts everything into question: just what type of person are we, the public, REALLY dealing with?

      I’m not a Nick Sacco fan myself.

      Speak truth to power.

  1. Brian Stack rescheduled the board of commissioners meeting, because he had a “Stomach virus” (doing caca on himself).

    Albiez, the spokesperson, went on to say that Stack has never missed a meeting in all the years he has been mayor.

    We live in interesting times.

    Its so shocking, that many people erupt in laughter because the allegations are SO OUT OF CHARACTER. Its also very sad and unfortunate for the many that believed in him.

    Drunk with power at the Scheutzen Park event?

  2. The bottom line is he do not belong at the party he does not live in Union City so go & crawl back underneath that rock you came from ok your just another JERK OFF

    • It don’t matter if Raymond Mitchell does not live in Union City but he was good enough to help Brian stacks and his election but that doesn’t mean that Brian section put his hands on anybody for them and he’s not a jerk off any other jerk off like you say he’s a person just like anyone he’s just there to help who would know maybe Raymond Mitchell was going to move to Union City and he would like to find out more information about the mayor what he’s going to do a what can you provide for him and his family so then I don’t think you would be a jerk off he just finding out information if if I was mr Mitchell I would have done the same like I said Brian stack is just a man not a boxer so he should not put his hands on anybody and that’s all I have to say

  3. Pants on fire, Janice, and Higinia, You all sound like angry people who have no idea what really happen. In you rush to defend Stack you slander a person you know nothing about.

    • so if you know what happened why can’t you say it Brian stacks is a mayor not a boxer so keep your hands to yourself did your mommy every teacher thatI know we’re not angry people we just don’t like people taking advantage the only difference being that Mr stacks had is he the mayorhe’s a human just like everyone else so I think he needs to stop touching people and do his job as a mayor you never hear that Mr
      Nick Sacco put his hands on anybody or Christy put his hand on anybody so what give him the right to put his hands on anybody

    • so if you know what happened why can’t you say it Brian stacks is a mayor not a boxer so keep your hands to yourself did your mommy every teacher thatI know we’re not angry people we just don’t like people taking advantage the only difference being that Mr stacks had is he the mayorhe’s a human just like everyone else so I think he needs to stop touching people and do his job as a mayor you never hear that Mr
      Nick Sacco put his hands on anybody or Christy put his hand on anybody so what give him the right to put his hands on anybody I’ve been governor or senator he should have more class like anyone say chris Christie has Nick Sacco and the other man’s and other towns they have class he has nonso how people going to respect him as a man I wouldn’t what kind of example he’s going to show our kids I wouldn’t want him for a make a mayor

  4. No Larry I am in no rush to DEFEND anyone..and I am not angry only at NICK for the harm he is creating all over,environmentally,Politically,& Ruining His OWN peoples lives..NOT a NICE PERSON as far as the NON incident no need to talk about it..I was agreeing with pants on fire about Nick being behind the NON incident…
    By the way with all that is going on in the World ESPECIALLY that day

  5. This is a horror story to hear and especially after the tragedy in Conn.
    and now we have a Mayor choking a resident at a christmas party.
    I hope this young man presses charges and this so called Mayor
    gets arrested!!!
    I heard the F.B.I. was in Union City investigating and he must be
    really on edge, however this guy is known for also hitting a
    Freeholder and a former Mayor of a Hudson County Town so I’m
    asking any other witnesses to come forward so we can get him
    out of office now!!!

    I hope Mayor Stack is never asked to speak about domestic abuse
    or bullying something he really knows about

  6. First of all Bria Stack never laid a hand on that guy and for the record Brian Stack does not drink. Everyone knows that this guy was paid off by Nick’s people. Please Mr. Alvarez go back to where you came from…WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS WAS A SET UP BY YOUR GROUP FUNDED BY NICK.

  7. Thats interesting that you’re that positively certain that Brian Stack does not drink. Sounds like you’re very close to him.

    By the way: Do you work for him? Are you a city employee?

    I’ve never met Nick Sacco and i can sign a sworn affidavit attesting to that.

    “Everyone knows that this guy was paid off by Nick’s people.”

    Good God almighty, this is the second instance of libel..

    You’re spewing blatant lies (which would be proven in court) about a victim.

    Consult with Daddy Stack before you post another asasine opinion, lest you get sued into bankruptcy court.

    Your IP Address is traceable, even if you think you’re anonymous.

    Watch your mouth, knucklehead. You don’t know anything about this victim or this case.

    Its ok to play fantasy world conspiracy theories, so long as it doesn’t cross the line into defamation.

    This incident really occurred, whether you choose to believe it or not.


  8. Thank God Stack does not drink. Just imagine how much more violent he would be. Did you get to see “all” the surveillance tapes Mr pants on fire? Stack has a history of assaulting people so I would bet that the last story is true.

  9. Disclaimer: My opinions are soley my own and are not to be misconstrued as legal advice or opinions. I am simply dispelling fact from fiction.

    For the record:

    Pants on Fire’s first post: The victim is a felon, is completely FALSE.

    Nick Sacco involvement: also completely false. Your political enemy had nothing to do with this.

  10. This is a very powerful Mayor/State Senator.

    Lawyers are terrified of him because he sits on the judicial committee.

    Lots of sell outs and cowards all around.

    It takes a lot of guts to come forward. Those in the know, are rooting this on, because everyone else has been scared to follow through.

    The Union City Strangler will be at the meeting tonight to answer your questions (maybe).

  11. It’s funny but there is no evidence on Brian Stack saying he is corrupt but if you look into Sacco he has more indictments on his staff than anyone in the history of NJ….so obviously Mr. Alvarez you are on the wrong side. It just sounds more personal to everyone and you look foolish. Please stop for a moment and think what you are saying….it’s all false allegations that will be proven in a court of law and all the other stuff is just disgruntled opinons. Stop before you discredit yourself anymore and try to save what little reputation you have left.

  12. Why some much defending here by residents and friends/ Ladies and Gents
    all must be reminded that this is still an allegation that must be
    investigated by law enforcement to make a final determination.
    1) Did Mr. Mitchell attend the event?
    2) Is their a tape of this event?
    3) Has Mayor Stack done this to other people before?
    4) Is this being investigated?
    5) Has the police department been notified?
    6) Does Mr. Mitchell have any witnesses?
    And last but least how many people think Mayor Stack is capable of this?

    Send your comments friends and foe!!!

  13. @juan Rockhead…any indictments? Anyone stating that Brian made them do this ? I’m sorry I am making Sacco’s minions work so hard..we know who funds your group.

    Do you have anything better than that? I’m laughing so hard right now!

  14. When all else fail resort to name calling. In regard to Stack the facts are there. You keep talking about NB can you please post the indictment, complaint etc with Sacco’s name on it. If you laughing over the news articles you must be a complete simpleton.

  15. i went to school with his ex-wife’s nephew and i was there for this first election campaign against Rudy Garcia i seen him flip out a couple of times and one of them was because he lost to Rudy

  16. Take one look at this video and tell me Stack does not have issues dealing with his emotions. He looks Bi polar in the video. Good Brian Angry Brian.

    • Pants On Fire you have no idea about what’s going on. you say Sacco set this up he’s not smart enough for something like this. like i said before stack is childish he wasn’t the center of attention for a few seconds and he got mad and then did something only a child would do he choked him.

      Mr. Johnson the question if stack actually did choke the person i would have to say has been answered the police report say’s that there where red marks on the person’s neck and there’s a witness so they filed a simple assault incident report and in this case it’s not a felony charge so charges can take a few day’s to be filed in court and person’s involved to be notified of the court date

  17. With all this chitter-chatter going back on forth with Stack versus
    Sacco, What about this person who’s claiming he was choked and what
    does Sacco have to do with this.

    The issue should be did Mayor Stack assault this person or not?
    I read the complaint however the jury is still out there on this
    one and I can’t get any feedbacks or facts from anyone as of yet.

    Still waiting on any responses from anyone!!!

  18. in the police report they say the only camera in the area where it happen was pointed at the front door and only gives a view of people from the shoulders up. So if you where to actually read the full 4 pages of the police report you would have known that. In an earlier post you said people (Please learn how to write/speak the English language) maybe you should learn to read the language it would help you understand things better

  19. OMG with all the REAL problems we have not only in our towns,county,state & world IS THIS THE PRIORITY PROBLEM? and all this for ACCUSATIONS! PEOPLE we have the HIGHEST CANCER rate in the US??? yes HUDSON COUNTY..why? COME ON it is the Holidays…there are families in need of help,compassion,homes, you remember HURRICANR SANDY? How many posts on that?
    READ the police report???? Really…Read the MANY MANY police reports about the VICTIM…so Please lets be done with this Move on do something POSITIVE for someone who needs it..and I do not mean Stack,Sacco or Mitchell…MERRY CHRISTMAS

  20. Check out when the witness asks Irizarry his name and Stack tells him: “Don’t answer that, you don’t need to respond”

    Stack then tries to play things off with this deviant joker smile..

    Here is where the trained eye catches him LIEING.


    Once the witness finishes his statement, Stack thanks him.

    Next up:

    Eric Dickson (boring)

    Stack’s blinking returns back to normal.


  21. Ladies and Gentelmen, where are the numerous witnesses that allegate
    Mayor Stack has touched this individual or any other.

    Mayor Stack, this only tells me there is nobody else and when
    a community stoops to this level then it seems you have to be
    doing something right because I don’t hear anyone knocking
    your policies.

    However has Mr. Mitchell ever landed any hands on anyone?????

    Mayor Stack, Enjoy your Christmas!

  22. Just do a backround check on Mr Mitchell your question will be answered 10 fold….
    Now on to SERIOUS MATTERS..Did you know that Ihave been trying to get EAGLE Recycling to care about our community & clean up there act…Did you know that 2 days ago a 22 year old man lost 6 fingers in a conveyor belt & was in surgery for 7 hours who works for EAGLE?
    PLEASE no snide remarks.. If you care you just say yes. PLEASE do your homework on all matters STOP taking everyones word and lets STOP the OLD Hudson County Politics
    Our world is falling apart because of this BS THEY ARE ALL BAD. POLITICS 1st. PEOPLE 1st not POLITICAL AGENDAS!

  23. Janice, this is another tragic story from a company that has a history
    of nothing but problems.

    People these are facts and this Eagle Recycling is not once, not twice
    but always in the news and it is never for a good stories.

    Our prayers go out to him and a speedy recovery!!

    ON the same note what about these assault allegations??

  24. All these poloticians are crooks. It is the easy way out for them. They hire their own people instead of looking for the best interest of the city. Many under the table deals. Its a disgrace with many of these men. North Bergen (Sacco) and Union City (Stack) are both the same. FBI should take them out once and for all.

  25. Voices from the pipeline say Mayor Stack was served in Town Hall by
    North Bergen P.D. for choking Mr. Mitchell.

    Is there a court date and where will it be held?

  26. I am an admirer of Senator Brian Stack, and to me he is an excellent mayor, thus, the best there is in whole New Jersey. He has help so many People that I never recalled any other mayor, Senator or Governor helping. As a Political figure, he is a threat to those do-nothing Politicians and they will try to damage his imagen by sending their followers to accuse him with stuped things. The facts is Union City came to be the best City from the worst during Mr. Stack’s ternure, and a very beautiful City, and Mr. Stack has helped the whole community and offers free food and recreations to our Children. Whom of his predecesor has done this, except steal from us all!!!!! Union City, you should be smart and never bite the hand of the only Man that has done something for you and this City and your children. Mr. Stack, I am with You Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Mr Jones please don’t mention Bobby jr. Way Way out of touch with
    Union City people.
    The real rumor is that Frank Alonzo is testing the waters to see
    if he is possible senate material.

    Frank is not bad and how do the people of Union City like him?
    If this is true Frank, please get away from this emilio guy

  29. Ray Mitchell is WNY and NB resident Commissioner Count Wiley’s first Cousin. Why is no one posting this?

    • That would be quite a revelation…going to be hard to prove though unless Wiley or Mitchell comes out and says they are cousins