Secaucus Siblings Arrested After Drunk Driving in Hoboken


HOBOKEN – Two siblings were arrested after swerving into a traffic barrier just before 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, officials said.

Samantha Hassan, 31, was drunk behind the wheel of her car with her brother in the passenger seat when she struck a plastic traffic barrier near the corner of Newark and River St., Sgt. Edgardo Cruz stated.

Officer Brandon Fitzgibbon was in the area when he observed the green Toyota Rave 4 driving and swerving alongside a curb on River St. The car struck a traffic barrier and stopped on it’s own. Officer Fitzgibbon approached the driver side window and noticed a strong alcoholic beverage smell emitting from the vehicle. Hassan appeared disoriented and kept apologizing to Officer Fitzgibbon, Cruz said.

Hassan did not cooperate and then sped off, leaving the scene and only making it a short distance before getting pulled over on 2nd St. by Officer William Collins. When Hassan was asked to complete a few field sobriety tests, her brother Mohammed Fahmy, 22, interfered by not responding to the officers instructions and yelling at his sister, interfering with the process, Cruz said. 

Mohammed Fahmy was placed under arrest and charged with obstruction.

Samantha Hassan failed the sobriety tests. She was placed under arrest by Officer Brandon Fitzgibbon and charged with driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated in a school zone, refusal to submit Breathalyzer tests, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to exhibit a driver’s license, registration card and insurance card. 


  1. Doesn’t make any sense…you approach the vehicle because she hits something you see that she is disoriented and u smell liquor when you approach the car but you still let her drive off…WTH????

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