Senator Menendez is bestowed a great honor in West New York

Senator Menendez is bestowed a great honor in West New York. P.S. #3 in West New York has been renamed Robert Menendez Elementary School during a festive ceremony.


  1. Sure Menendez enrolled in Affordable Health Care if you believe that then you need to get your head check do you think he would jeopardize getting his personal ID & S Security stolen by hackers & the bottom line is who is he 2 get his name on a school just ask anyone from Pa Iowa or any other state they would have NO clue who your talking about….
    This mayor needs to smarten up & be his own man? Menendez back Sal Vega you see who the voters supported back then it goes to show us how Menendez is really liked NOT MUCH but now this mayor will be history..
    WNY needs a LEADER like in Union City not a FOLLOWER get the point…..

  2. The soon to be New Elected WNY BOE must reverse this and the Naming of PS # 4 after another crooked person Albio Sires. A Corrupt Mayor Roque and a Corrupt appointed WNY BOE lead by Sires Wife did this to our town. Wake up WNY!

  3. ex-Freeholder Munoz you should be ashamed of showing all these salaries of these
    individuals and they are only making 30,000 per year and your complaining.
    ex-Freeholder Munoz if you could get them jobs somewhere else for more money
    then do it and don’t embaress our families!!!!