Senator Sacco and Senator Scutari on protecting NJ drivers from other States' speed cameras

Senator Sacco and Senator Scutari on protecting NJ drivers from other States’ speed cameras. Today, Senator’s Sacco bill to stop New Jersey drivers from being subject to out of state speed cameras is being heard in the Senate Transportation Committee. This is an important bill that would protect residents from these nuisance tickets and you can learn more about it by watching this video:


  1. Oh please!! You sir are a tool, if you honestly believe that. Maybe NJ drivers should respect the speed limit. I live in maryland and whenever I drive to work you Nj drivers wanna speed excessively over the posted speed limit. They deserve what they get. Yall aint exempt. Again, your a toolbag

  2. NJ drivers are much better off leaving the state. NJ has BY FAR the highest car insurance rates in the country and North Bergen NJ has the 5th highest car insurance rates in the state. Leave NJ now! Its the only way these clowns will wake up and realize they can’t keep paying themselves 300K salaries. Vote with your feet and leave for good. Its WAY cheaper EVERYWHERE else.

    This guy is a bullcrap artist talking about “ahhhh NJ doesn’t have speed cameras? Well YOU DO have red light cameras. How is the one morally superior to the other. Its not. ITS THE SAME CRAP. Nick Sacco and spineless scutari are just trying to earn popularity points from the voters. Just send out your goddam campaigners and attach job security to the carrot stick of supporting the machine and leave the voters alone. Nick Sacco doesn’t stand for anything except accumulating power and boss style politics.

    Now all of a sudden hes a good guy? Give us a break.