(Union City, New Jersey) — Following the death of a Newark woman in hospice care after PSE&G shut off her electricity, Senator/Mayor Brian P. Stack calls for PSE&G to notify municipalities of pending, non-emergency shut offs.

“It is an absolute tragedy that a grandmother lost her life because her electricity was shut off and she was unable to use her oxygen tank,” said Senator/Mayor Brian P. Stack. “Municipalities are in a position to assist residents, either through their own resources or through social service agency resources. This should never occur because a resident got behind on their payments.”

Stack sponsored S-2477 which requires public utilities providing electric, gas or water services to notify the mayor, chief law enforcement officer and health officer, in writing, at least 21 days prior to a shut off for a non-emergency. This would allow municipal officials, if needed, to intervene.

“I have pleaded with PSE&G for over 20 years to change their policies and work with municipalities to prevent unnecessary shut offs. Residents, especially the most vulnerable, must be protected to ensure that tragedies like this do not continue to occur. My heart goes out to Linda Daniels’ family, who watched her needlessly suffer,” said Stack. “This legislation is so important and needs to be implemented so this does not continue.”