Seniors and kids get their Easter fun on in West New York

It’s a tradition every year in West New York and the March 2016 festivities did not disappoint.  Seniors of all ages enjoyed lunch, entertainment and dancing that put smiles on their faces.  And the town children were happy they got to take part in an Easter egg hunt, play games and go on rides.

“They have beautiful parties in West New York and I have a lot of Cuban friends here and many other nationalities so I enjoy it very much,” says Yolanda Barila, a Cliffside Park resident.

Easter is a special time to celebrate and seniors are a vital part of the community.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for them to come out and socialize,” says Commissioner Susan Colacurcio.

“My sister, happy — for dancing, I like it,” says Guttenberg resident, Daisy Grande.

The seniors came together as a family.

“West New York does not want to make them ever feel that they’re the forgotten part, so we remember,”  Colacurcio says.

West New Yorkers wearing bunny ears of all shapes and sizes crowded Coviello Field for the annual Easter Festival.

“It’s free, it’s a nice day out and there’s a lot of activities; she came here with her cousin as well and it’s something that they get to bond together,” says Melanie Garcia, referring to her daughter.

The kids had a blast and they all have their favorite thing to do.

“To hunt eggs,” says 6-year-old Nicholas.

“Have fun,” adds his twin brother Dominic.

“Going on the rides,” says Kenneth, 9.

“Pick up eggs,” 9-year-old Melanie says.

“Hunting the Easter eggs,” 8-year-old Justin says.