Seven Burglary-Thefts Reported in Bayonne on Monday Sept 9

Bayonne Police has reported 7 additional burglary/thefts incidents that occurred yesterday.

Theft                                   1905 hours                      Bayonne Crossing Way            N/A                              INVEST

Burglary/Theft                   1153 hours                      North St                                     N/A                              INVEST

Burglary/Theft                   1213 hours                      Schuyler PL                               N/A                              INVEST

Burglary/Theft                   1853 hours                     9th St                                          N/A                              INVEST

Burglary/Theft                  1911 hours                      8th St                                         N/A                                INVEST

Burglary/Theft                   0743 hours                     9th St                                        N/A                                INVEST

Theft                                 1138 hours                      Kennedy Blvd                           N/A                              INVEST

No further information is available.



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