Several charges for homeless man accused of following females in Hoboken

Ian Daniel Schoening (26-year-old) homeless man, has been charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and obstruction after being accused of following females in Hoboken.

Last night (05/23) around 12.30am Hoboken Police Officer Richard Torres and Police Officer Michael Losurdo responded to the area of 221 Washington Street on a report of a male who was following females. Officers arrived and were directed towards the male they called about. Witnesses stated they were approached by several females who said this unknown male was continuously following them. Security Staff advised officers they had seen this male in the past doing the same thing. The male was approached by officers and he provided identification to them while denying the allegations. While Officer Losurdo had the identification in hand, defendant attempted to swipe it from him as he became more upset. This was attempted several times until the defendant lunged at the officer in an attempt to grab the id card, knocking the officer off balance. Officers attempted to place him under arrest for the assault. Defendant resisted the attempts by the officers until he was eventually subdued. He was later transported to headquarters for processing where his charges were placed on a warrant complaint.

The suspect was remanded to the Hudson County Correctional Facility on a $10,000 bail! with NO 10% option.