Sex for Sale: Hiding in Plain Sight in West New York


The West New York Police Department Criminal Investigation Division received a tip about a prostitution house hiding in plain sight.

Arnulfo Flores-Bernardino, 28, of Union City managed the house at 589 59th Street, apartment #1 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday.

Two prostitutes serviced clients or “Johns.”

According to the WNYPD Narcotics Unit, during surveillance in the area on Dec. 17 and 18 they saw numerous Hispanic males visiting the location — then leaving 10 to 15 minutes later.

On December 19, the Narc Unit organized an undercover sting with an officer soliciting sex for money. Moments later detectives found Edith Salinas-Jimenez, 24, of Queens, NY inside one bedroom and Laura Lopez-Velasquez, 31, of Queens, NY in another.

Officers say the rate for illegal sex services is typically $30 for 15 minutes.  The man is given a poker chip once payment is made.

Numerous condoms, lubricants, poker chips, playing cards, alcohol and personal wipes were recovered from the apartment, along with $710 confiscated from Flores-Bernardino.

Salinas-Jimenez was arrested and charged with Prostitution.

Lopez-Velasquez was arrested and charged with Prostitution.

Flores-Bernardino was arrested and charged with Promoting Prostitution.

According to police, both Salinas-Jimenez and Lopez-Velasquez said “no” when officers asked if they were being forced to engage in prostitution or held against their will.

“I want to thank the West New York Police Department for the outstanding job they do everyday for our great town,” says Mayor Felix Roque.


  1. Lol..word Eugene like..”20 dollars?? Good loooord that’s a lot of money”!!!

  2. If two adults wish to exchange money for sex, that’s their business. The criminalization of such things, drives the activities underground, which leads to human trafficking and sex slavery. the same way that the prohibition of drugs leads to greater problems. People think that making these activities illegal will stop such activities, which is obviously not true.

  3. 30 bucks for 10 minutes that’s 180 Ann hour if your into hooks you could get a pretty one for that price lol

    • hmmm… notice my address correction was removed…428 60th St ie WNY town hall. I stand by my statement! Please do not remove it. LET FELIX ET AL SUE ME, IF THEY THINK I HAVE LIBELED ANYONE DOWN THERE!!! 😉

  4. Yeah Elena Orozco.. Prolly ran into these trizzys a few times. Yo I just had the weirdest dream and u were in it showing me all the clothes that u had saved that we all used to recycle amongst us and the Toros back in the day and u lived in a shopping center…weirdest shit ever