Sgt. Henry Marrero plans to represent the people if elected District 8 Freeholder. The North Bergen police sergeant sat down with Hudson County TV on Monday to discuss his run for public office, where he will challenge the HCDO-backed Anthony Vainieri.


  1. When someone has the courage to run against the choice of his bosses’ boss! & the HCDO…this cud only be signs of Courage & Greatness!

  2. Henry, aren’t you the same guy who has been supporting Mayor Sacco for the last twenty years
    telling everyone North Bergens number one with the guidance of Mayor Sacco.
    And the same guy who arrested Janice Zorovich at a Town Meeting because she was
    informing the residents about Eagle Recycling and the toxins in the air.
    Another candidate who cares about the residents!!!!!!!

    • Armondo thanks for the info he won’t get our family votes 9 of them in fact I will spread the word

  3. Does he have a tic? Isn’t this the guy who’s had a tit job since coming to nbpd? Henry is out for himself mad will say n do what he needs to just to make a point.

  4. A real hero Armando is! You should have done your homework before stating such bs though. Too bad for you and good for all the public NBCCG took very good care of placing videos of that whole meeting all over the web and while he was there working he arrested no one and I was there. Obviously you weren’t Mr. Puppet..lets see who pulls your strings next and what you say!

  5. Good Old Henry This Guy is a joke, with his designer suits, he had it good in this town and he’s throwing it all away!!! He doesn’t care about the people!!! He cares about himself! Who’s gonna vote for him!!! NO ONE!! That’s who

  6. Police, Fire and School employees. Remember when we go into the voting both Nick can’t see what button we pushed. There has never been more of an opportunity to send a clear and correct message. Everyone knows that Vainieri is a complete joke. Do we really need another puppet?
    Finally someone has the fortitude to stand up a take a stance. We owe it to ourselves to vote for Henry. Remember they can’t see what we do in the voting booth.

  7. Hey Henry all that booze behind you!! How much did you drink of it, or is that when u lose your gonna drink and cry!!

  8. There is no reason to stand up to Sacco everything is running great evening Henry said that town is number one. We all stick together and don’t desert our lfriends and stab them in the back that’s the joke here

  9. Can someone please tell me what’s going on here I thought Sacco vainieri nHenry were friends and traveled the county together what happened I’m totally lost, from what I’m reading there is no loyalty anymore which people, Its a shame that a friend has to take on a friend cause he probably didn’t get his way somewhere. That’s all I can make out of this mess!!!

  10. Actually Nick had a hard decision to make. Who be more likely to tell Kathy what Nick really is doing half of the time when he supposedly out. Anthony is a little baby so Nick was protecting his personal interest.

  11. Isn’t interesting how brave and bold people can be with their comments when they’re hiding behind their keyboards… Cyber courage at its best.

  12. Henry, Henry, Henry family values as long as I’ve known you, you done nothing but cheat on your poor wife. How dare you put your family through this. Henry what it all comes down to is all you had to do was your job the job you were being paid for. The problem is you had it too good for so long that when it came time for change you couldn’t handle it. Finally a chief of police with some balls. Which by the way I heard you shoved the Chief of police not only are you a cheater a drunk but a bully. I don’t know much about Anthony but I do know you.

  13. Ok John…lets be real and not haters. Henry is not the only one who has cheated on his wife in that whole group…that’s a trend that starts with the big boss. So let me get it right. New chief has balls and is completely faithful. Thanks for the clarification. Baaahaaaa..don’t know Anthony but know Henry. How ironic they were tight and out together ALL the time brother!

  14. Ohhhhh we all know the chief cheats on his wife!!!!!! And as for Anthony have u seen the trash he hangs out with its the same group of girls there not really buddies with him because they like him!!!!

  15. Why does everyone always point the finger to everyone else, we are not perfect, I don’t condone cheating on wife, but that is none of anyone’s business, Before you speak ill of someone, look in the mirror and throw the first stone if you yourselves are perfect. I am neutral when it comes to politics, because man is the most imperfect human. So please everyone listen to him, he may start to help this system, and Kikito from one that loves you and knows you, you are one of the few in this family that is trying to help, whatever is being said about you please remember your wedding vows and you have a lovely family, please honor them in turn they will honor what you are trying to do, be different, I for one pray for you.

  16. Everyone on here seems to forget what is the main focus of this election. It should be about the people and CHANGE. North Bergen is one of the few towns to have the same Mayor for as long as Sacco has been in office. Why? Not because of the “great work” him and/or his commissioners do, but because this is the most corrupt town around. Some of you are correct, they are all puppets. Perfect word/description actually. How would one ever complain about anyone… North Bergen’s precious Mayor is not only town Mayor, but he holds a seat on the Senate as a Chairman and is the Assistant Superintendent. Joey W, you couldn’t be more correct. Vaineri along with the rest of the Commissioners and town big wigs are surrounded by these young teachers in NB, who are pure trash….. but smart. Only hang out with these guys to try and get that cushion job they want and they are correct, b/c that is exactly what they get. That whole town is one hot mess. Personally, I can’t believe half of them are still around and not in jail…. That day soon shall come I’m sure.
    As far as them being all around town together, I guess Marrero must have actually not played along with their antics and stood up for himself… Again…. town is one hot mess and definitely needs IMMEDIATE CHANGE!!

  17. Henry marrero and Larry wienstein is not the answer. You can knock this administration all you want but taxes have been kept under control,we get great services.

  18. Jb, what exactly are you talking about. If you are satisfied with your taxes in North Bergen, you must be living in a bubble. Taxes are assessed and don’t understand why they continue to go up? To have new homes build on top on one another? Nothing improves in this town. It just stays the same. And you say, “Vanieri j Had been primed for this position for years.” Vaineri has been following the words and actions of those in office… Is that why he is a good pick?

    • Yes I’m satisfied. Alll towns have development. As far as my choice at least mr. Vanieri has been in and around n knows the ins and outs. What does the other candidates know or what experience. We all knows mr. Marreros reasons are personal and nothing more.

  19. JB so shocked at how vocal you are this am. How loyal you are to a group that hasn’t done any favors for you. Marrero and Weinstein??? Write that all you want but no one believes it not even you…keep pushing for all them. You will still be sitting where you are this minute…hmmm.. clean up your act brother!

    • Hey JB I didn’t realize how much u support this town and ur friend Anthony now is out and about meeting everyone WOW I know him he’s never interacted with anyone let alone different cultures wow he loves the Indians now and he’s all into the Arab community and the Spanish one!! Wow!!!

  20. Marrero is a dummy ticket. He was created to give Vanieri the easy win, in case NBCCG runs a ticket. Marrero is there to split the ticket. He is still the good ol boy. The Spanish kid who sold his soul to the racists for money. Way to keep it real, Henry.

  21. Anthony might be from NB, therefore you feel as though he knows the ins and outs of NB, but all he does is be at Nick’s beck and call… as his personal driver. A personal driver he needs since he is always out and drunk. Therefore if someone if going to get pinched for a DUI, it shall be Anthony. But I guess since now Anthony is running for Freeholder w/Nick’s backing, guess it can’t be him taking the fall for a DUI for those nights out getting drunk with those young NB trashy teachers. Guess that position might be open soon. JB, now’s your chance. All comes back down to the puppets..

    • JB what’s non sense I’ve never seen this guy interact with other cultures!! Does he even have Arab friends and what has he done for the Indian and Spanish minorities!! At least with Henry I know for a fact he’s friends with all different ppl not sure about ur boy tony

  22. You are right about that Martin. The only thing Anthony has done for minorities is sleep with them, make them his gf’s just to try to make him look good….. Guess what – It didn’t work!!!

      • JB what suprise!!! He has no friends!!! I know certain girls that used to be close to him that aren’t anymore because he doesn’t know how to keep friends!!!!!

  23. Who Henry ?hiw can u vs friends with someone u can’t trust.he has the balls to go to the wine tasting ?

    • Your friend Anthony is a joke anyone that said hi to him tonight he was a fake!! At least Henry is nice to everyone

    • JB so many people in this town can’t stand Anthony!! I watched him tonight!! He was yelling at 2 people as they were walking away from him tonight I wish the best for Henry

      • Hey I’m voting for Vanieri, last night he walked up to me and said that he was not going to have a drink until June 4th…. Other than that he didn’t say a word Great candidate.

  24. Are you Henry’s snitch? Do u go back and tell him everything that went on? What job has he promised you?

  25. Johnny… Vanieri not really having a drink until June 4th?? Yea ok. Clearly you don’t know him. He isn’t having a drink at his normal local spots. Check out the new little hang out on 26th Street and Tonnelle.. Apparently that’w their new hang out spot.

      • Did anyone see his video so his campaign manager is Indian and his co manager Is Hispanic I’m waiting for him to pull out an middle eastern person what a joke!!!!!!!

        • Lmfao!!!! JB ur hysterical!!! Ur friend Anthony has someone helping him on a daily basis who he talks about I feel sorry for her only if she knew and there’s proof he talks about her there’s messages saved!! Poor girl!!

    • Haha Jennifer your so right have you seen the girls that hang with him def not the same ones Frm years ago!! Such a shame he can be there father!!

      • Only If this girl knew the stuff he’s said about her, she wouldn’t be helping him out on a daily basis must be a loyal loyal friend honey take down the blinds!!!

  26. Melissa, I know most of these girls he hangs around, and all they want is to try to hang with those that can put them in an easy classroom with the least amount of work. Unfortunately, it is working to their advantage. Vaineri and the rest of the commissioners along with the Mayor can’t be that blind to know what they want to do, but they are certainly good at turning the other way. All they want is so good old eye candy so other people can be “jealous” of them.. That whole group is pure disgust!

    • Jennifer I couldn’t agree more!!!! Such a shame cause he’s talks about certain ones behind there backs!!!