Man is Arrested on Active Warrant After Caught Shoplifting in Walmart


A Union City man lifted hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart right before Christmas and wasn’t arrested for shoplifting.

According to Det. Mike Torres, Walmart decided not to sign a criminal complaint against Jose Velez at that time.

But the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office traveled to the Secaucus Police Department to pick up Velez, who was arrested on an unrelated active warrant.

Torres says Walmart told the Secaucus PD the 33-year-old stole eight game consoles, two children’s dolls and a game controller with a more than $515 price tag from the 400 Park Plaza Drive Walmart at 8 p.m. on Dec. 19.

“Maybe once they found out this guy had an active warrant from the Sheriff’s Department they probably thought that was good enough to get the merchandise back,” Torres says. “Maybe it was close to Christmas and they didn’t want to sign a complaint.”