Shots fired reported in Hoboken


Shots fired were reported at 5th street and Jackson in Hoboken around 1.15am this morning according to the Police chatter. Hoboken Pd  has been looking for two black males who fled towards Paterson Plank Road. No more information is available.



    • 3days before new years i was walking my dog at 7:30-8am past 655-6st & right there in the back of the buildings parking lot I notice 3 young men w/hooded sweaters they was standing there looking all around them like they was hiding from someone,they saw me & to be honest didn’t even care that I was there one of these young men took out a gun pointing it in the the direction towards the hills past the light rail & shot the gun. My nervous reaction was to yell at them which I did. A friend of mine that lives in that building heard the shot also & ask me did I hear that I replied yes call the cops. When they heard me say that they ran. I waited for police, & told them what had happened. I live here & i’ve never felt so unsafe there like I do now. We need our police officials back now!!!!!!