Sister of Boston Bombers Draw FBI to Buchanan Place in West New York

Alina Tsarnaeva, the sister of Boston Bombers Draw FBI to Buchanan Place in West New York. Dozens of onlookers watched as the FBI, Hudson County Sheriff’s Department and West New York Police arrived on scene to investigate.


  1. At 2:20 in the “Explosions at Boston Marathon” video, there’s a guy in a FARAH RESCUE AFGHANISTAN t-shirt. CNN removes it.Is he CIA? Taliban? An actor?3 Apr 2013: Taliban tried a RESCUE in Farah, Afghanistan.Strange responses will follow this comment. Why?Centcom has software to “allow US service personnel, working around the clock in one location, to respond to emerging online conversations with any number of co-ordinated messages, blogposts, chatroom posts and other interventions.”

  2. there was nothing on the computer, we would have known by now. They have nothing on the brothers, thats why they’re trying to pin a homicide on them, they’re grasping at nothing, stupid fbi, you messed up.

  3. innocent lady?did you look into your glass ball?Most people doing things nobody has to know go to librerias or internet shops.and the family lived for years on wellfare.i know a lot of single mothers working harder.women who are spitt out by moslims,killed. but they do not feel ashamed to eat from the tax of these women(or from working single fathers).

  4. #freejahar //

  5. The media is a bunch of vultures! This makes me sick. As a Muslim woman in America I am sick and tired of all of this!! You see how the Tsarnaev family is being treated!?!? Innocent until proven MUSLIM!” And as for throwing this family’s name into the dirt, stop!! If you are going you judge a woman and call her a “terrorist” because of shoplifting, well then all of you are “terrorists” yourselves!! I am sure most who are judging have done way worse crimes then shoplift. So what are you then?!?

  6. “Blood thirsty animals” eh ? Where are they, exactly ? Looked very civilised to me. Can you imagine how the authorities would react if something similar happened in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran ? THEN you would see “blood thirsty animals” all right, and that would just be the police, never mind the locals !

  7. The Tsarnaraev family are being treated the same as any other family associated with mass murdering terrorist suspects, the authorities would not be doing their jobs if they never investigated these people. And as a non religious person in the west, I’m sick and tired of Islamic religious fascists thinking their religion gives them the right to blow up innocent people going about their normal business.