Six Thefts Reported in Bayonne the past 3 days


Bayonne Police has released 6 Burglary/Thefts reports occurring in different sections of Bayonne the past 3 days.

On September 6, an incident was reported at 6.24am in Evergreen street.

On September 7, three buglary/ thefts were reported as follows:

2.02pm in Avenue C,

6.31pm in  Goldsborough Dr

7.23pm on West 16th St.

On September 8, two burglary/thefts were reported as follows:

12am on Avenue E

7.25pm on West 49th St.

Lastly, a 28 year-old female Krysta Hernandez was arrested on alleged charges of taking a cellphone from Little Food Cafe.

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Clean up Bayonne. Police worry more about standing around construction

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