Small Businesses are booming in North Bergen

A new Colombian restaurant, “Noches De Colombia” recently opened in North Bergen. This is just one of the many establishments that has opened recently in the area, creating a town of diverse businesses and restaurants. HCTV got the chance to not only witness the opening of this new restaurant, but also speak with Commissioner Hugo Cabrera about why businesses are drawn to the town.


  1. Noches is NOT a mom and pop small business, it’s a restaurant chain that’s all over the surrounding area, including at the top and bottom of Fairview Ave within a stone’s throw of the new North Bergen restaurant.

    You could even make the case that it’s a predatory business, following the same business model as Starbucks. The chain isn’t necessarily doing so well that they can afford to keep opening new locations, they’re just trying to kill any and all competition in the area by saturating it with their restaurants.