Smooth Sailing for Environmental Youth Campers

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SECAUCUS, NJ – Friday, September 2nd concluded the Town’s Environmental Youth Camp. The camp’s second summer featured four exciting and educational field trips that helped the new generation of environmentally conscious kids learn about how they can make a difference. Environmentalists Lynn Kramer, Courtney Lichtenberger and Amanda Nesheiwat refreshed this year’s program, picking activities that were both fun and informative. Field trips included, the Tenafly Nature Center, Bayshore Recycling Center and the School Lunch Farm in Hackettstown. Each day was filled with activities, presentations and tips on how kids can stay green. As reinforced by Secaucus’ environmentally-friendly Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli, “Secaucus is proud to be on the forefront of educating our youth on the importance and benefits of caring for our environment.”

To cap off a successful summer, the environmental team took the campers on the Hackensack Riverkeeper’s Eco-Cruise. Captain Hugh Carola and Project Manager Jodi Jamieson taught the campers about watersheds, water pollution and the different types of wildlife and greenery they would come across on their cruise. Tiny hands shot up in the air, curiously asking questions and shouting out facts that they learned during the program. Captain Hugh encouraged everyone to put their phones away and take in the moment, which resulted in the campers spotting barn owls, blue herons and more.