Sotomayor Einstein Announces Candidacy For Hudson GOP Chair

Dear Hudson County Republicans,

I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party. Elections for Republican County Committee and the county GOP leadership are in June but it is never too early to discuss the future of our county party. Too much of what passes for policy and politics in Hudson, both within our county GOP and in the corridors of power, happens behind closed doors and in private conversations between insiders. Too many bad decisions, made for the benefit of the personal interests of those calling the shots, occur without the consent or knowledge of those who make up our proud party and the general voting public. That is why I am publicly announcing my candidacy. Both good government and a well-run political party require the light of day to function properly – it’s time we Hudson County Republicans have the latter so we can make the public case for the former.

Hudson County Republicans have been ignored for too long. Under current Chairman Jose Arango, who has occupied the position for over a decade, a functionally non-existent county Republican Party has allowed Democrats total control on all levels – from school boards to the county board of “freeloaders”, Congress and everything in between. This total abdication by Arango, as well as his eagerness to work for the Democrats, has been a disservice to every registered Republican in our county and has warped the political landscape for the worse. If the Republican party does not call out the institutionalized and systemic corruption of the Hudson County Democrats and their regressive policies, I ask you – what is the point in having the Hudson County Republican Party? Why would any majority, for any office, in any race, anywhere in our county, vote for a Republican when the county party track record under Arango is that of publicly working for the Democrat political machine bosses?

This is what we, working together, must change. This is why I am running for Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party – because with your support, we can create a party that gets behind Republican candidates not Democrats. Together, we can build a better organization that engages in outreach and public engagement 365 days a year, not just several days before an election. United, we can send the message that the Arango era, of working for Democrats, is over. As a team, we can fight for the people against the backroom dealing Democrats who raise of the cost of living for the residents of our county. Working with one another, and for Republican values, we can replace the top-down economics of the Democrats picking winners (their friends) and losers (everyone else) with a freedom and liberty agenda that empowers everyone in Hudson County to live up to their economic and civic potential.


Your candidate for Hudson County Republican Chairman,

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

New Jersey Republican Party State Committeeman


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