Sources close to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office have told HudsonTV that the Guttenberg Police Department is under investigation.

The Prosecutor’s Office, when contacted by HudsonTV, sent the following statement:

“The Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor will neither confirm nor deny an investigation.”

Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, claim an investigation is ongoing regarding fraudulent record keeping or other improprieties possibly the reason as to why Mayor Drasheff is stepping down.

HudsonTV recently reported on the large percentage of Guttenberg’s police officers making over  $100,000 a year, and on the small town’s hiring of a West New York commissioner as its full time new town administrator to replace its retiring part time administrator.

Most Guttenberg Cops Making Six Figures


Guttenberg Replaces Part Time Town Administrator with WNY Commissioner on Full Time Pay


    • Hudson politics this takin to long. One dirty hand washes othr. Corruption
      Always continue Let see what hapen

  1. Well what do you expect you have uncles and grandfather as judges brothers and sisters and brother as police officers cousins that work in the DPW ants that work in the clerks office it won’t be corrupt family

  2. They are making 6 figures because they deserve the 6 figures! They are the best officers in the whole state of NJ! They work with this tiny community! They have programs for our children! They have honor,respect and commitment! I support and love my Guttenberg police officers! Don’t believe in this stupid accusation!

  3. Aunque digan cosas negativa sobre el departamento de Policía de guttenberg yo respecto lo,que digan pero adoro mi town y me siento muy segura en este town t eso es gracias a los oficiales de la policía que tenemos

      • Look who it is, Henry Marrero and his bend over buddy Howie hidden behind a computer and still bashing Vainieri and his friends after you were defeated by him.. you are so sad.. I think it’s time to move on and get another life. This is the definition of true “butt hurt” hahahahaha

  4. Not all the police are corrupt, but if there is one that to get to do detective did a lot of damage to that is who should remove because it tarnishes the integrity of others. Please do not generalize that not everyone is delinquent.

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