Southwest Park Farmers’ Market: Hoboken’s Weekly Freshness Fest

Southwest Park Farmers' Market Hoboken
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Southwest Park Farmers’ Market Resumes in Hoboken

HOBOKEN – As residents settle back into their routines post-summer, the Southwest Park Farmers’ Market in Hoboken is back in full swing. The market, a recent addition to the local community, operates every Thursday from 3-7PM and will continue its weekly schedule until mid-November.

The initiative aims to bring fresh produce and local goods to the residents of Hoboken, fostering community spirit and supporting local vendors. Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit and experience the diverse offerings of the Southwest Park Farmers’ Market.

For those unfamiliar with its location, the market is conveniently situated in Southwest Park, Hoboken. With its return, the community looks forward to the vibrant atmosphere and quality products that the market promises to deliver.


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