Special Board of Education meeting in West New York postponed due to no quorum. The meeting was rescheduled for Friday at 2 p.m. at the Albio Sires Elementary School (School No. 4), located at 6300 Palisade Ave.


  1. just to clarify my argument…I feel real strongly that having a special election for just 2 members in Jan. and then another election for 3 members in April is an absolute waste of $100,000.Now if our school system had money to throw around and the teachers and kids had an abundance of pencils and books then id shut up but this is not the case.The reality of this matter is that our teachers are spending money from their own pockets to buy supplies needed by their students,our teachers have complained about not even having enough pencils(yes pencils for GOD sake),kids are sharing books,classrooms do not have enough books and materials,sports and extra activities for the school children have declined incredibly in the past years,,just 6 months ago $90,000 was denied from the budget that was for school supplies.But now you want to have 2 separate elections less than 3 months apart at a cost of $100,000 each.These decision makers and pushers on the board have ulterior motives and its not for the sake of the school system or the children…I’m just making sure that everyone sees their actions….

    • Frank,
      In many other countries in the world the parents pay for their children’s books and pencils, as they should. Why does the government (tax payers) have to pay for everything? Aren’t parents responsible for anything? And, by the way, those countries for the most part do much better than the US in terms of education. So, it’s certainly not whether the students have pencils or not.

  2. I’m not crying but just standing up for what is right.This a sham to spend money that the school board does not have to just throw around and hold 2 separate elections less than 3 months apart from each other.I not only supported this change,I and a few others from Residents For A Better WNY are the ones that put it all the work from the very beginning and we where the ones that put it on the ballot,so therefor im not just a supporter im the biggest believer of this change and I cannot wait til the end of April to have some great board members representing our school district but this what they are doing is just another abuse on the residents of WNY.Now if they at least tried to have the one election because that is what makes sense and whoever they plead to turned around and said you have to do it, then I would say hey at least they tried to do it the right way,the smart way but when I see all efforts concentrated on doing something that is detrimental it just does not make sense to me it does not add up….

  3. Mrs Sires is a disgrace. All the years she has been raping the town $$. Just like her Husband Congressman Albio Sires. No Good for WNY. The new BOE should remove Albio Sires name from that school at once.

  4. Frank, you are someone with very good intentions and I applaud you for all of your work on behalf of the children. In this case, however, I believe the statute says that an election must take place to increase the membership from 7 to 9 as soon as possible. I agree that the 100K could be used in other places, but lets remember who the real enemy is here. The faster we get 2 new members the faster the power begins to fade from this corrupt boe. As I see it there are 4 solid Roque soldiers who blindly follow and three others. If we get 2 members and the others stick together the balance of power will change and maybe some progress can be made sooner than later. Then come April we will have a total reorganization. I guess I’m looking at it as a glass half full for now. Maybe they can use the 30K they are paying Acosta’s sister to pay for part of it once she is finally gone. There’s plenty of fat to cut in terms of created positions that came from the mayors office.

  5. I believe Clara Herrera’s position was an add on, and when the superintendent tried to do the right thing and eliminate it, this boe voted against that. Funny how the liaison to the mayor’s office had her 200k position saved against the superintendent’s recommendation by the people he appointed to the boe. The same people that refuse to follow what the doe and state law directs them to do. I guess that report was right on the money. Roque is calling the shots and doesn’t care about anything but the power. I’m just saying that that salary alone would pay for the election so maybe we could make up the money after all at a later time.

  6. Frank, you worked hard and made a big difference but now by telling the board to do something
    illegal aren’t you worried that Munoz will wear a wire and bring it down to the F.B.I. so
    you will be brought up with charges also!!!

  7. lol that actually made me laugh…I’m not asking the board to break the law,i’m just pointing out that 2 elections is not the right choice for our school board.All i’m asking is to try and ask if we can have 1 election instead of 2,all im asking is to look into spending $100,000 instead of $200,000 in a matter of a 3 month period.The statues of special elections have been bent in the past when its a detriment and when the money is not there to do it.In the past I have seen elections that by statue had to be held in sept or oct but they have been put off to Nov because it didnt make sense or the money was not there to do it…it has been done before,im not asking anyone to brake the law,im just asking to take a look and fight for whats right for our school system not what is wrong…If you recall just recently the Democratic party heads took to court the issue of having 2 special elections for the senator’s seat,they I believe where asking for the statue to be bent,they where not successful but at least they tried.At the end we ended up having 2 elections and the state spend over 40 million dollars for an election that I think had like the lowest turn out in history,for a state that is doing horrible economically but at least people tried to do the right thing,…As for the members of the BOE that the actions of them trying so hard to only go this route raises my red flags,thats all…and on the being wired end,I dont care if anyone is wired and records me,i do not do anything wrong so its all good..lol

  8. First item on the agenda for the elected school board