sport is the location of the migration spatial points

Movement, a set of rules or habits by the constraints related to physical activity and skill, usually competitive. Time and space are produced cloth was never widespread movement, birth and death of the popular movement everything. No movement of objects, nor to leave the movement of objects. A conservation movement, that movement can neither be created nor destroyed and its specific form is diverse and can be transformed into each other, in the total transformation of the same movement.

In geometry, the rigid motion is described as: a plane to its own map and make arbitrary points A, B, and its the same distance as A ‘= M (A), B’ = M (B) distance.

Philosophically, the definition of sport: sport is the location of the migration * spatial points.

A movement must have at least two positions to participate in migration. Linear motion in a straight line spatial position of Migration. Linear motion is the most basic form of movement. Exercise is a virtual concept.

Never before has the time of the motion spatial directivity. The direction of movement is a spiritual matter, not of reality, due to the movement direction of formation of the space it is necessary a certain period of time, become the starting position compared with the position of the current reality in order to determine the current record after spiritual space direction. In contrast, spatial orientation is a reality and, because it has nothing to do with time.