Starbucks lovers have a new North Bergen fix

“It’s great to finally have one like we can use,” says North Bergen resident, Julianna Muniz.

As opposed to the store a half a mile away in West New York and another mile away in Edgewater.

“Yet we’re on the other side of the street and what we know about Starbucks is that people don’t cross the street,” says Veronica Park, district manager of Starbucks Coffee Company. “So we hope to capture more customers.”

Even those passing through from a different area.

“I think it’s great, I think it’s great — it’s beautiful in here,” says Basking Ridge resident, Carolyn Delavalle, who was there to support her sister-in-law Liz, the new store manager.

People can just walk over from the buildings.

“Or just drive in and stop in.  I have my Starbucks coffee with me and I think this is really gonna work out well,” says Mayor Nick Sacco, adding that it’s a real asset to the community.

This location is a drive-through and there are not a lot of those in North Jersey.

“However, we continue to be opening more and more of them,” Park says.  “The convenience of it for our customers is really, really wonderful as well as being able to provide an in-store cafe experience.”

Rachel Pharn used to go to the Starbucks near Acme a few blocks away but this one is more convenient and she likes the vibe too.

“I love having another place to be able to go and work if I need to or take a break,” says Pharn, a North Bergen resident.

7301 River Road in North Bergen


  1. Edgewater has a sixbucks coffee shop in the Commons, they don’t go to that side of river road and there’s also one less then a mile down on river rd. in wny. to many if you ask me but I don’t pay 6 bucks for a cup of anything.