State Comptroller’s Office blasts Law Practices in North Bergen

State Comptroller’s Office blasts Law Practices in North Bergen. 38- page report says unnamed attorney had no work job. West New York is also briefly mentioned for overpaying legal fees.


  1. Where are to two North Bergen corruption crusaders? Mario (Bla Bla Bla) Blanch and Larry “Whine”stein. Oh I forgot King Stack told them not to go to anymore North Bergen Meeting. The whole government is corrupt starting with fatso in Trenton and all the way down to Sacco and Stack. Blanch and “Whine”stein are just as bad as Dixon and those other clowns in Union City. It all about money. Blanch and “Whine’stein just used the people of NB (who really care about their town) to benefit themselves with jobs( Blanch $100,000 per year in West New York) and “Whine”stein to buy more properties in UC. All Dixon cares about is getting paid and the bald guy Emilo just want a low show job in the county.

  2. Well “Bender” it sure seems like you know your politics. I agree with just about everything you said except the part about Wa Wa Weinstein and His sidekick Mo Money Mario. It seems that those two are for real. Unlike that ghetto trash do nothing failed bus driver, failed father & failed husband “Emilio Del Valle”, they are true believers in their cause. Rumor has it that Ernie from shame, shame, shame has been staking out Del Valle. It seems that the pot belly bald little pig doesn’t have a “low show job” he has a “NO SHOW JOB” just like the rest of the PIGS in North Bergen. Bender I also hear that investigators from the AG’s office have been paying visits to some of those “Parade Sponsors” AKA put cash in my pocket if you want a float in my parade friends of Del Valle. Bender sit back and enjoy the show, it is only a matter of time before “Del Valle and Co.” get locked up.

    Del Valle =”Money Laundering”
    Del Valle=”Tax Evasion”
    Del Valle=”Stealing Time”
    Del Valle=”CORRUPTION”

    • Wow Bender and Shame On YouEmilio Del Valle sounds like a real corrupt individual. I think he is a prime candidate for The Rico Act-Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Sure sounds like the clock is ticking. I wonder who will get the top bunk, wink-wink Emilio Del Valle or Herb Klitzner?

  3. Hey Bender Mario and Larry were at the town meeting and asked Sacco the hard questions. Where were you, you hack? And maybe you should OPRA Mario’s salary it’s not anywhere near what you state.

    • Other than the most recent meeting, I have been to the last 4 meetings and Bla Bla Bla Blanch and “Whine”Stein have been no where it sight. Everyone knows that both were told by Stack to stay away. If they are so committed to cleaning up corruption where have they been the last two months? They seem to be caught between money, loyalty to Stack, and getting Sacco. Can’t have three masters. Either you in or out. They both have shown that they can be controlled by outside forces and therefore cannot be trusted. North Bergen needs real leaders to clean up this mess and these two out of towners are not the answer. We all know they do not even live in NB. Sacco must go and the same for all the out of towners sticking their nose in our business.

  4. Bender , as WNYer and someone who doesn’t particularly care for blanch. only care for the truth in this matter, I will inform you and the public, that Mario blanch is only recieving a salary of 35k- that’s been opraed and confirmed. The real piggish attorney in Wny is Gil Garcia billing the town an extra 700k that’s aside from his 150 per hr. that’s also been opraed. Again no interest with blach, just the truth.

  5. Bender-you mention “Whine Stein” “Bla Bla Blanch” “Eric Dickhead” “I Will Sell My Mother Emilio Del Valle” but you forget to mention the biggest mouth of them all, Emilio’s flabby butt buddy Frank “Am I A Boy Or Girl” Alonso. Bender lets not forget about this loser who sucks the tax payer tit dry every day it awakens and drives away from it’s HANDICAP PARKING SPACE WITH A COUNTY CAR. Really? What does this idiot contribute to society.

    • Your right the only reason I did not mention him is because I have no idea what the hell is name is. Wanna be they all suck and belong in jail.

  6. Emilio how is your daughter doing? When was the last time she acknowledged you as her father? I hear she tells people her dad died before she was born. Emilio, you are and always will be a selfish “PIG”!

  7. Emilio how is your daughter doing? I hear she doesn’t even acknowledge you. She even tells people that her father died before she was born. Emilio you are and always will be a selfish “PIG”!