Crowd blasts board of Ed members after hearing State Department of Education Report. The Report says Mayor Felix Roque influenced who was hired and fired in the school district.

State Report Read by West New York SuperIntendent Alleges Mayor Corrupted the School District

To see a copy of the report, click this link 


  1. It’s just appalling to see Vega and former commissioner Michelle Lopez criticizing Roque and his administration for something they did themselves time and time again.
    Ms. Lopez, you did not have any problem when Sal Vega gave a high-paying town job to your husband (a man with no qualifications) after you became commissioner, did you? And you did not have any problem when a supervisor’s position was created just for you, did you? You are just upset that Roque took all that away from you. You have no right to stand up and complaint.

    • Erica-

      It would be best that people like yourself, uneducated and politically inept when it comes to these matters, kept your opinions, as trivial as they are, to yourself. People will only laugh at you like they did to Adrienne last night. You are probably some lackey hired by roque or acosta and you now have to spend all your free time sucking up to them.

      I am no fan of roque or vega. But even a moron could figure out that this never happened when vega was in office or sires for that matter. Vega was never indicted. Sires was never indicted. Your man, however, WAS in fact indicted. Your man is a bully and tyrant and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. i guess his friends…… you remember…the ones he spoke about while bullying people from the recallroque website…..the CIA…couldnt help him with a little problem from the other three letter agencies….DOE and FBI. Even his buddy Christie won’t and can’t help him now. Acosta, WAS fired for conduct unbecoming a public employee and owes the town hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is a disgrace to the town and his family and should be barred from ever working in the public sector again. He was States witness once and he will do it again. Only this time it’s roque he is screwing.

      People who spoke last night spoke the truth whether you, me or anybody liked it or not.

      All I can say is this…..I attended last nights meeting and the one two years ago…..and Vega, Lopez, Chucky and Carlos conducted themselves professionally and with respect UNLIKE the animals you are loyal to.

      Wiley for Mayor!

  2. Phoenix,

    It is clear that you have so much hate in you towards Roque that you are not even able to read a comment like mine objectively. Where did I defend Roque in my comment? I just pointed out the hypocrisy of people like Vega and Lopez who were once doing the same exact thing and are now complaining. The fact that they were never indicted of anything is not relevant. Many people commit atrocities and are never indicted either, so what? And some people commit “lesser” infractions and are in fact indicted and found guilty. My only point about Vega and Lopez was that they are being total hypocrites and have no right to stand there and criticize anybody. That was no defense of Roque in the least.
    And, why, even if I were wrong, would you deny me the right to express my opinion? And why would you attack me and call me names? Not very democratic and civil, are you?

    Of course, when I read your last line, “Willey for Mayor” it all became clear: Your hate, your inability to be fair and objective, your unwillingness to let people express their opinions, and your name-calling. You have to be a bully to follow a bully. I sure pray that Willey does not become the Mayor, because then it will be ten times worse than it is with Roque or ever was with anybody else before him.

    P.S If you wish to reply to me, I will let you have the last word. There is no point in talking to a person who cannot reason and is full of hate.

  3. Erica –

    Aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black? Have you read your last several comments? The hatred and venom you spew makes it clear that this is strictly personal between you and Vega and you and Lopez. I hate no one and just state facts unlike the rumor lies and propaganda that flows from the months of the four animals in office now. I won’t apologize if the truth hurts. Especially since it was people like you who put roque in office just because you may have been a little pissed off because you couldn’t get something you may have wanted from vega. You made your bed. Now sleep in it. There seems to be alot moore room in it theses days. But DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK ABOUT PAST PROBLEMS when you probably DID NOTHING about in them first place. People like you are just part of the problem.

    Wiley recognized the situation and severed ties unlike the three other blind puppets following roque as if their lives depended upon it. So you can tell your story walking.

    Have a lovely, civil, and democratic day!

    Wiley for Mayor!

    P.S. I do so enjoy having the last word, so thank you.

  4. Was Mr Fauta told by the prosecutor to fess up, because the same
    crap did happen when Vega was Mayor just ask Michelle Fernandez’s
    husband for his credentials.
    The state should step in an remove this board because how do you
    threaten and extort people and still remain a Principle.

  5. This is all hog wash & the biggest PIG was Vega who had Menendez helping him to get relected but the voters were to smart to fall for there B-S

  6. Too smart to fall for their BS? WELL LOOK WHAT THE HELL THAT GOT YA! An administration whose lying, stealing and illegal activities has catapulted the town into numerous and voluminous debts brought on by the many many lawsuits against the town and several of them individually. Regardless of whomever the previous mayors were, the Town of West New York has never been in such a deep financial crisis as it is now and its all because you all were “too smart”

    Yes. That was a smart move I must say.

  7. It’s a shame to read this. There is too much corruption in WNY; decades too much. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Our family left WNY as soon as we could because of the corruption. It’s way past time for those of you remaining to clean it up.