State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian P Stack issued a press release condemning the bombing of Coptic Complex in Cairo, Egypt that killed over 45 people and left over 100 people injured.

“At a time that signifies the beginning of holy week for Christians around the world, a targeted and cowardly attack was carried out against innocent people,” said State Senator and Mayor Stack. “This is a deplorable and horrendous act that claimed the lives of men, women and children in a place where many seek safety and shelter.”

Many families are now preparing for funerals for their loved ones. Media reports have indicated that 45 people are dead with dozens more injured and the number of deaths is expected to rise.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families,” said Stack. “I cannot fathom the suffering these families are experiencing. It is my hope that the Egyptian government will investigate and adjudicate these crimes and bring justice to the victims’ families. “