State Senator & Mayor Brian P Stack Condemns President Trump’s Decision to End DACA Program

(UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY) — The State Senator of the 33rd District and Union City Mayor, Brian P. Stack denounces President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) Program by March of 2018.

In its 5 years of existence, the DACA Program has allowed for over 800,000 children of immigrant parents attend schools, start families and careers in the United States. Ending the program would jeopardize the immigration status for approximately 300,000 by 2018 and over 300,000 in 2019.

“The President’s failure to reasonably address immigration policy is a travesty. Hundreds of thousands of children will be impacted by the decision to end DACA,” said State Senator and Mayor Brian P. Stack. “These children have created a life in the United States and for some; it is the only life they have ever known to disregard that is callous.”

In Hudson County, 85% of the population is of Latino descent and in Union City, it increases to 95%. The DACA Program certainly has an impact to the community in this area of the State. “Our immigrant communities have enriched our State’s history and contributed to its economic and cultural prosperity,” noted Stack.

“Reasonable and responsible policy has to be a priority rather than unilateral deportation that will result in broken families and broken communities. I urge Congress to consider the ramifications of ending DACA and to recognize the life altering decisions they have in their hands,” Stack stated. “As I have indicated before, I remain unwavering in my commitment to serve the residents of my Legislative district and of Union City regardless of immigration status and encourage my colleagues to take action in protecting our children,” Stack stated.