State Senator Nick Sacco: I don’t think Gov. Christie will ever approve my drone bill.┬áSenator Sacco spoke to Hudson County TV about his latest work in the state legislature and also explained the success of the recent township initiative to fix potholes from the snow-heavy winter.


  1. Sacco with all that money you been stealing over the years & your over $223.000 you get paid stealing our tax dollars ”I MEAN REALLY” how much is enough I & the people feel you should pay for this out of you own pocket start giving back to the community ok….

  2. Sacco is trying to stop the use of drones because he is afraid the FBI will spy on himself, Herb Klitzner and the rest of his subordinates. Nicky what do you fear? If you guys are clean then you should fear nothing.

  3. great argument Munoz!! lets all live in North Korea and get spied on 24/7..we all don’t have the FBI as best friends like you…