Statement from Senator Sacco on President's Immigration Executive Order

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – State Senator Nicholas Sacco is releasing the following statement supporting President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration that was announced tonight. The action will protect over four million unauthorized immigrants from deportation, including thousands here in New Jersey. Senator Sacco’s legislative district contains some of the most heavily Hispanic municipalities in the state, including West New York and North Bergen, where he also serves as Mayor. The Senator’s statement is below:

“The President is doing the right thing by protecting these families and giving people with no criminal record the opportunity to work here legally, pay taxes and contribute to our society. Now it’s time for Congress to do its job by passing the bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform bill backed by Senator Robert Menendez that was overwhelmingly approved by the U.S. Senate last year.”


  1. Mayor Sacco is so wrong I live among these people and what they will do if they have a criminal record under their father’s last name they will use their mother’s maiden name which is usually their middle name to obtain a social security card and also it will invite more terrorists to come and stay here and do more explosions! What’s wrong with their judgement? The people not here legally should be deported and it would provide more jobs for US Citizens It used to mean something to be a US Citizen not any more! Thanks to people like him!