July 8th 2016.- More than a dozen community leaders from across New Jersey, Acting Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, and other law enforcement leaders held a conference call this morning in the wake of the slaying of five police officers in Dallas, as well as the police-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana that have prompted community protests.

The participants engaged in an open and productive discussion. They expressed a shared commitment to encourage peaceful demonstrations and cooperate in efforts to build trust between community members and law enforcement.

Acting Attorney General Porrino issued the following statement:

“Law enforcement and community leaders from across New Jersey have resolved to continue to work together to ensure that people have the opportunity to demonstrate in a peaceful and productive manner, reducing tensions rather than raising them, following the shootings of police officers in Texas, as well as the officer-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. Now is the time to use the bonds we have built to unite and ensure that these tragedies are not compounded in our communities.

We have heard many helpful comments and suggestions from community leaders on this morning’s call, and we intend to do our best to implement their recommendations. We’re all committed to continue this open dialogue and encourage local leaders to work with their local law enforcement agencies in that same spirit.”