Steven Fulop and Candice Osborne on the campaign trail

Steven Fulop and Candice Osborne on the campaign trail. During a fundraiser in Downtown Jersey City, Steven Fulop and Candice Osborne open up about the campaign as May 14th quickly approaches.  Both had a lot to say about what they plan to do for Jersey City residents, if elected. 


  1. Fulop another wantabee there all the same a bunch of phony’s only the name changes the games still the same a bunch of crooks only looking out for 3 people ME MYSELF & I what in the hell is Fulop going to do hire more cops & give out more no show jobs & who pays for this us tax payers he only blowing SMOKE & showboating…

  2. STEVEN FULOP has a plan to pay for and put police back on the street.

    The most important job of a mayor is ensuring the safety of the city’s residents. A big part of maintaining safety, of course, is a well-run and properly staffed police department. As mayor, creating a more transparent, responsive and accountable police department will be one of Steve’s top priorities. Yet our efforts need to go further. We need to address elements beyond policing by focusing on the roots of the city’s crime problem and work to create an environment that reduces the likelihood of criminal activity.