Stoked skaters: On board with new Bayonne skatepark

“This is honestly one of the best skate parks in New Jersey,” says Trenton resident 
TJ Hernandez.  “They did a really good job putting it together.”

“It’s pretty sick, I think the community really does need this,” says David Mauvais of 
New Brunswick.

“Finally we have a good spot for all these kids to come and test their skills and learn,” 
says Classic Skate Shop Owner Gary Iannitelli.

Iannitelli approached Mayor Jimmy Davis right at the beginning of his term with 15 kids by his side and said, ‘We need a skate park.’

“We worked in conjunction with him, with (skatepark builders) Spohn Ranch from San Diego, CA and this is what we’ve designed,” the mayor says of the yearlong project.  “I’m proud of that.”

When kids have an outlet like this, they tend to stay out of trouble.

“Than if they were out there on the street, so it gives them an opportunity to grow,” 
Mauvais says.

This park is definitely an upgrade.

“Now we got this nice new park that the town I guess donated and I appreciate it a lot,” 
says Christian Padron of Bayonne.

One of the goals of the council is to create more recreation opportunities and people are going to come from all over to use it.

“This is state-of-the-art, brand new and for the skating community — Bayonne is on the map,” says Third Ward Councilman Gary La Pelusa.

It’s a place to go and connect.

“Feels really great actually,” says Arian Araya of Bayonne. “Now that they opened it, I feel like I’m gonna come back every single day.”

“Pretty awesome honestly ‘cause now ya get to see new faces, new people that do crazy tricks at the park,” Padron says.

“It’s like a big deal to me so I’ll be out here often (despite the distance),” Hernandez says.


New 1st Street Skate Park is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk
Located at Dennis P. Collins Park
1st Street & Kennedy Boulevard (behind Bayonne Little League)