Suspicious package turns out to be nothing


An anonymous tipster called in a suspicious package left unattended in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart Supercenter mall at 2100 88th street in North Bergen.

The green military style ammo box was slightly ajar so officers peeked inside and saw nails and other supplies.

They evacuated several stores in the area; set up a perimeter and called in the bomb squad.

According to Captain Pat Irwin, they x-rayed the package, but couldn’t determine if was a threat because there was too much material inside.

“They detonated a little water cannon, just to pop it open… make sure that it was nothing explosive,” Irwin says.  “They re-established, walked up to it, nothing dangerous to the public.  It looks like it’s just gonna be somebody’s construction material that they inadvertently left in the parking spot.”

They’re viewing videotapes of stores in the area to try to determine the owner of the box.  No criminal charges will be filed.

Irwin says safety is always their first priority and they take this kind of situation very seriously.