May 8, 2017

By Jesse Shramenko

BAYONNE – Teachers, parents, and municipal government officials protested against the Board of Education and attended a pivotal Board of Education meeting.

The protest was against the misappropriation of money and massive teacher layoffs from the Bayonne Board of Education. The Board of Education’s accountant had caused a budget deficit of several millions of dollars. A total of 287 teachers had been laid off before the Board of Education’s meeting occurred.

31st District Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight was in attendance and expressed concerns.

“I’m looking for some answers, especially for these students that are uncertain” McKnight said. “These teachers that were here, before they got the slip, were here to provide quality education to the students, and the students know them.”

(Above: 31st District Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight at the Bayonne Teachers’ Protest in Veterans Park)

Mayor Jimmy Davis was also in attendance at the protest and expressed concerns as well.

“These are parents who all have students in the school, some of them are just taxpayers, and this is their district; this is their city” Davis said. “[They came out to] show support for their school district; for their children, and who have questions and want to know what their taxes are going to be like.”

Also in attendance was Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President Alicia Losonczy, who had helped to organize the protest.

“We need light brought to this subject; we need answers” Losonczy said. “We need them now before it affects our children further; we don’t want to be in this same position a week from now; we don’t want to be in this same position a year from now; we need a plan, and no one seems to be coming up with it.”

The State of New Jersey is auditing the Bayonne Board of Education and sent someone to monitor the Board’s budget. Protestors marched from Veterans Park to Bayonne High School and attended the Board of Education meeting.

At that meeting, the Board of Education’s majority voted yes on two resolutions that had partially satisfied the protestors’ demands. The Board voted yes on increasing a tax to benefit their budget by 5.60%. That dollar amount equated to of over three million dollars; making the yearly cost for residents slightly over $150. The Board also voted yes to re-hiring 85 teachers who had been laid off; a list of these teachers was put on a bulletin board during the meeting.

Many questions were asked, and points were raised, at the meeting. Some had included why the former accountant who misappropriated funds was not arrested, the quality of education served to students by teachers who were not re-hired, and the effectiveness of selling and renting textbooks.

Residents of Bayonne are hoping to see improvement in the Bayonne Board of Education for the sake of their children’s futures.






  1. Jimmy will you give the board back the 3 million you took to fill the city’s budget? How come no one is mad at the City is missing a few million more of its own money?

  2. Fire all those loser. can’t get a decent public education in Bayonne why waste the money. these idiots are just going lose it or ineffectively spend it again! If i was that bad at my job I’d be broke on the street. These morons are making salaries that CEO’s of successful companies are making. when did public service = more money then private sector w much less risk and uncertainty in your financial well being and future. All those signs sum it up best “teachers first” in all situations they put the students last w the tax payers second in line

  3. Also, they are building all these huge apt buildings..there has to be kids right? Influx of kids and there are less teachers? That’s a mess waiting to happen!

  4. how much money do we spend per student? i think it would be cheaper we can all save money if we send these kids to private school. they can get a good education and the tax payers will be able to save money. win win

  5. all the talk on here is just that talk…. we need action we need to get the feds to conduct a full investigation and audit. thease pig puppets are hired to do a job and they are not doing it. they cant even answer where is the money right there is proof they are not doing their job… plus in every meeting they tell the public to shut up. they are all crooks… everyone gets mad when taxes goes up lets all do something about… the whole city needs to protest and get them out of office and into prison

  6. the teachers were encouraging the kids to protest their own getting laid off. the teachers said hey you dont need to learn today, you wont get in trouble if you skip school right now to go protest!!! joke in itself. wheres the tax payers money at!

  7. She’s excellent. And she’s right. But Mr. Clark has a point. The taxpayers need to begin to watch things more closely….and not wait until it blows. I believe this will begin to happen now. Attend more meetings, more workshops. They happen monthly.

  8. I’m almost certain as adults we all know how a budget works. The question that should be asked alongside of transparency is, is there “receipts” and proof that this money is going where it is said to be.

  9. all thease fancy replies wow they are such snakes it all boils down to this they ripped bayonne off and don’t worry taxes will go up and more money will be missing and nothing gets done blah blah blah

  10. does tis all mean that the kids in jersey city that go to our schools in bayonne illegally are still going to have an education on our expence

  11. bayonne will be a ghost town we almost lost the hospital that most bayonne people cant use now we lost our teachers how come these willy wonkers don’t loose their job

  12. I’ve been a parent for almost 19 years and have NEVER seen a public school system fuck over the “every man” like they do here in bayonne

  13. It is so shameful. To see these people sitting down behind the burgundy colors of the city. But I still believe in. I believe in the people that are going to fight against this board. We have to. There’s no other choice but to believe in the future of our children and the teachers of their lives.

  14. They should spend money on school security because there are kids selling drugs in the bathrooms so good job on spending the money “wisely”

  15. Hey Kenny Kopaz what’s your combined salaries with the county and the city plus your benefit package? Have not heard a word from you!!!

  16. no matter who took the money this district needs teachers that are actually helping their students. Without teachers, it is crowding classes, therefore it makes it hard on the teachers that are hired. It is impossible to focus on everybody!!!

  17. Sorry I’m late to this… did anyone ask who stole the money? Did anyone admit to it or deny stealing it? Also did patsy admit that she has a private bathroom made of marble in her office

  18. It seems like. The board of ed. We’re not paying attention. But I truly believe in one thing. When all the teachers that affected. And all the students affected. Once we come together. Let them think that they can hide behind all that burgundy that belongs to us! all My wish is to everyone that went to Bayonne High School. To stand up. If we don’t. I guess I passed from the school we went to. Doesn’t matter, if we don’t protect what’s going on today.

  19. Dr. McGeehan is the greatest educator that any of us has ever met…Love these people that do not know a thing about her…Or a thing about what the money was overspent on taking cheap shots at the easy targets…

  20. I am sorry but Dr. McGeehan is responsible. She is in charge and it falls on her shoulders. She has been in charge of the School system for over 20 years (as long as I have been here) She should have known something was wrong.

  21. It unacceptable that the the first thing that the boe does is fire teachers!!! The boe should be fired for mishandling the funds or mishandle the budget.

  22. The reason the school system is there is to teach!! Without teachers you are not meeting your mission!! You boe have failed the students and the tax payers. Totally unacceptable….

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