Teenager witnesses father murder mother at Solo Nail Salon in West New York, authorities said. A 39-year-old man shot his 36-year-old significant other in the head in the presence of their 17-year-old son. The father then walked to a nearby parking lot and shot himself in the head, officials said.


  1. This proves WNY does not have a qualified Police Director. He has his notes written out for him for the public like a real dictatorship. This looks like Fidel Castro’s regime more every day with Roque and his Administrators. Felix Roque Resign already! Commissioner of Public Safety Caridad Rodrigues where are you in WNY? Come out from hiding you wanted to be elected so act like a Commissioner!

    • Nicole,
      Shame on you for using this terrible tragedy for political purposes. Your hate for Roque has you so blinded you cannot see clearly or make reasonable conclusions. You need a change of heart.

      • Wow two people lost their lives and you attack someone doing their job and has been doing a great job gee the president has a teleprompter and most people refer to notes to get things right ….. I don’t understand