Terrorism Threats Lead to Arrest of Hoboken Resident Arsonist and Suspected Terrorist Charged in Hoboken, New Jersey

by: shaylief

Sixty-five year old Pablo Del Valle was arrested at 5:45 PM on May 14, 2016, in Hoboken, New Jersey on charges of aggravated arson, terroristic threats, and causing widespread injury.

On May 13, 2016, Hoboken police detectives Wilfredo Gomez, David Dimartino, Nicholas Burke, Arturo Gonzalez, Adam Colon, and Robert Roman were dispatched to an apartment complex at 76 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken,  after several tenants in the apartments reported a possible fire inside one of the apartment suites.

When officers arrived on the scene and located the apartment fire, the fire department was called. Fortunately, first responders from the fire department were able to quickly contain the fire and ensure that it caused only very minimal damage to the complex. No residents of the apartment complex sustained any serious injuries as a result of the fire. Those who live in suites near the area of the fire were evacuated from the complex, but they were able to easily find refuge with friends and family members until they were permitted to return to their own apartments.

Upon investigating the cause of the apartment fire by questioning several tenants of the apartment complex, police detectives were informed by one resident that a man, who was later identified as Pablo Del Valle, had made threats to burn down the apartment building. The detectives soon discovered that Del Valle had made similar threats to other tenants within the complex as well. The police officers on the scene searched the apartment complex and its surrounding areas, but Del Valle had already fled the region.

Several officers set out to search for Del Valle within a wider radius while other detectives stayed behind in the apartment complex to inform all tenants of the search and give them a description of Del Valle in an alternative attempt to locate him. After searching the area for many hours, officers concluded that Del Valle had fled from Hoboken to the Bronx region. They quickly contacted the New York Police Department and remained in contact with NYPD detectives as they worked together to continue the search for Del Valle.

After almost twenty-four hours of officers and detectives from both the Hoboken and New York police departments searching tirelessly, Del Valle turned himself in to Hoboken police headquarters on May 14th, 2016, at approximately 5:45 PM. At that time, Del Valle was arrested on the previously mentioned charges and remanded to the HCCF with a fifty thousand dollar bail with a ten percent option.

Note. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty