Reports are emerging over the weekend about a showdown between the two most powerful New Jersey Democrats in elected office today: State Senate President Steve Sweeney of Gloucester County, and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto of Hudson County.

The two men have competing proposals to get more school funding.
Both men, and many men and women before them, have used a stated reason of helping the kids, helping the poor districts, even helping the underpaid teachers.
You wonder whether “school funding” is just a way for some politicians to funnel money back to some “sanctuary cities” because of the Trump Administration’s threats to withhold federal funding from states and counties and towns which don’t cooperate with federal immigration agents. Or maybe a way to make up for lost revenue because of the changes in the federal health care system if the threatened revisions to Obamacare actually get passed and signed into law.
For years, no matter whether you’re in Essex County, or Bergen County, or Hudson County, you’re told “there’s no money” for something.
Your children are in crowded classrooms which get more crowded each year.
Many teachers are underpaid, certainly when you consider their average day does not end when the school day ends.
So how is it that administrators and bureaucrats are often getting six-figure salaries, sometimes salaries starting with a “2” and not a “1”?
And why are we suspicious that all this “school funding” talk is just a fancy way to figure out how to pay more people in a political patronage system — this is the root of a lot of power in a lot of places, Republican and Democratic, makes no difference — and pay those people more money.
Isn’t it funny how a lot of people are getting rich, when all we hear is about how the system is so poor?