Not only because of violence, which threatens our lives. That’s the first part of our “unalienable rights” (as written in the Declaration of Independence) to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
The tragedies of this past weekend show that the “us versus them” dividing line in American society is not the “left versus right” fight we hear from the so-called “experts.”
Those experts are not “wrong.” Let me explain. They are selling us a story, a narrative, based on their partisan roles and, to be clear, who’s paying them. If they were “wrong,” that would mean they actually believe what they’re saying.
I ask you not to believe what they’re saying. They’re reading from a script. We are the audience they’re trying to play for fools.
You hear “left versus right” (or vice versa) because there are people on both the “left” and “right” who profit from that understanding. It helps raise funds! It helps candidates raise funds! Think about that!
What you see now, when you watch on your smartphone, your computer or your TV, and more and more on the streets with your own eyes, is the real dividing line.
On one side, you have bullies. Their weapons of choice are intimidation through shaming, name-calling, implied threats and now, overt, criminal acts of deadly force.
The bullies are not really different from each other. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference, I think. Their tactics are the same. They might as well be on one side. They all use brute force.
The rest of us? We’re the ones being bullied.
When you go into the DMV or some local government office, and you get spoken down to, by people whose salaries and benefits you and I pay for, you are being bullied.
Did you hear last week about some Google programmer who got fired for circulating an internal memo in the office? Now, we’ve always had bullies. Workplaces have bullies. But now, the bullies are getting people fired. This is out in the open. This is a new boldness. The bullies are not hiding the fact they’re bullies.