Politics boils down to three Latin words: Quid pro quo.

There is this hint of that in some maneuvers involving pension reform and allowing casinos in northern New Jersey. Meaning, you (the north) support pension reform, and we (the south) support your casino. I think.

Maybe a casino in the Meadowlands.

Maybe we can call that, Casino-in-the-Swamp?

This would be great for northern New Jersey residents. Why? Let’s count the ways.

1. No longer do we have to sit on a bus for three hours to get to a buffet and lose money playing slots in Atlantic City. Instead, we can sit on a bus for three hours, stuck at the Lincoln Tunnel, on the way to the Meadowlands. I mean, three hours with that view! Charlie Sheen would call that, “Winning!”

2. Same reason, we are sick of the Atlantic City jitney. We prefer the Bergenline Avenue smoke machines that can take us up to Fort Lee. It’s easier to get the Early Bird Special near the Bridge, too. More winning.

3. We need to keep things local. Our freedom-restricted class needs to be able to, uhhhh, stimulate the economy locally. Why should the ladies of the night have to go to Exit 38 on the Parkway, when they can come up here? ‘Cuz hookers gotta hook! And it’s tough being a working girl these days.


  1. Hudson country, Bergen county, are no place for a casino!! Leave them right where they are… Too much traffic to start with and way over the top populated! These casino idea for north jersey need to be taken someplace else.