The Rumble in West New York between Vega & Roque fans

The Rumble – 21st Century gang warfare between two New Jersey politicians. Political war escalates between two men of Cuban descent seeking office in West New York, NJ… escalates and overflows to the streets. This confrontation looks more like a scene from the film “The Warriors” or the classical “West Side Story”. This has got to be seen to be believed!!! Only in New Jersey politics can 500 people from opposing political camps square-off to battle. The fight… the battle… The Rumble in West New York!!!




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  1. Yea I have but I’m not talking about WNY in general, I’m just talking about the politics this year, just ridonkulous… lol

  2. ts really sad Vega has all of his supporters by the balls. Its a travesty that one man’s political aspirations has your future hanging in the balance. Most of his supporters don’t give a shit about the man or his policies but they know exactly that if they dont go out there and fight with the opposition theyre going to be out of a job. Politics is dirty but I cant help watching.

  3. ROQUE FOR THE WIN!! vega can suck his nonextisting peniss!!! my whole family is voting for roque, and i have a BIG family :DD

  4. just from this video you can see how many more supporters for roque than vega. vega’s only supporters are his friends and the people who work in town under vega

  5. What a tiny group. It looks like a mini-carnaval in New Orleans without rhythm.I wonder why a RICH PAIN DOCTOR would want to be mayor? To HELP people?I see only attacks at Vega’s character (without any truth in the “true statements”) and no actual plan of how to reduce spending.The truth is ROQUE is Brian Stack’s puppet to get back the position his club has lost (read: jobs and political favors) by Vega’s housecleaning. Notice how the taxes have been going down lately? HOUSECLEANING!

  6. Where is the parade permit? Police just standing around as one party marches past the HQ of the other party. Bad planning or was just a recipe for disaster.WNY never does anything right to protect and serve its citizens.A huge fight could have started endangering all the cars stuck in the middle.This might as well be Mexico. What a disgrace to WNY this video is, now that Roque won another hispanic who can’t even pronounce the English language properly, the same BS will continue.Move Now!!

  7. si el alcalde roque sabia que estaban los seguidores de vega por que carajos pasa por ahi y dejaron pasar las autoridades solo provoco a la de mas gente y solo demostro que no tiene capacidad de gobernar west new york ojala me equivoque y estemos en buenas manos

  8. WOW! Look at the difference between Roque’s People and Vega’s people! Vega has MORE people then Roque! And They ALL live in WNY unlike Roque’s people who ALL live in NB and Union City! DO ME A HUGE FAVOR AND GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! Thank You! BTW that girl telling Timmy to get out………. Let me tell you soemthing! SHUT UP AND GO BACK HOME! Thank You very much!

  9. wny police are retarded,they have no clue how to handle these events. how many wny police does it take to screw in a light bulb? what a crappy ,corrupt,dirty,irrisponsible,loosers the wny police are. wny i feel sorry for you. we need the fbi to clean house in this town.

  10. West New York is infested with criminal scum, transvestites, heroin addicts, and corrupt politicians, police, and inspectors. Driving an ambulance in this city was quite the experience. So many untold crimes. The people deserve better. Well…some of them.

  11. Transvestites and heroin addicts? What part of your ass’s imagination are you pulling this from?

  12. when defino and musto were alive i dont think any of you…..

    ….would of even have the guts to walk in the street much, less leave the
    side walk.


  13. We Cubans know what its like to have your country stolen. We wont allow
    the USA to be stolen by Liberals, Socialist and Commies.