The state DEP and OSHA Show Up at the Union City DPW

While the State DEP and OSHA show up at the Union City DPW, Union City Police were called to remove Hudson County TV Reporters from collecting footage from inside the premises.


  1. For Mr. Alonso being so incompetent he sure knows how to get state and Federal agency involved. I’d be careful what you say wouldn’t want him coming after me ask Mr. Marota.

  2. I like to know what in the hell does the police dept have to do with the DPW we the tax payers are not paying them 6 figures salaries to be involed with these matters..
    I think the police Dept have more on there agenda to worry about” like all these low-lives running around town commiting burglaries not to say the drunks just walk up & down Bergenline I could go on & on for more important things to be concerned about maybe we have to many police here in Union City doing nothing about nothing..
    Maybe some of these police or who ever puts them up to these ridiculous things they should read the constitution & the 1st ammemdement”FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OR SPEACH…
    The bottom line WHY would you stop Hudson county news camers what is there to hide to many people standing around doing nothing & getting paid waisting our tax dollars?????????????

  3. Mr. John R. Your so right. Tax payers $$$ are spent wrong and taxes go up. But who’s the public safety commissioner ? Mayor Stack that’s why Hudson county TV gets harassed.

  4. Oh please! Give us a break! Frankie Alonso wasn’t the driving force, Herb Klitzner and Dick Succo along with Eric Dickhead were. Frankie can barely write his name never mind craft a stinging letter to the mentioned agencies. This (man?) is a complete idiot, a real bafoon at heart! The only thing Frankie Alonso never failed at in life was being first on line to open the nearest donut shop. Can you believe this (man?) not only has a TAXPAYER FUNDED COUNTY CAR AND JOB but also received a HANDICAP PARKING SPACE! The HANDICAP SPACE Frankie Alonso abuses takes one away from someone in need, maybe someone with disabled parents, children or themselves being LIGITIMATELY HANDICAPPED. Frankie Alonso is 100% incompetent, he is a failed leftover political wannabe who is not only frustrated with the fact that Brian Stack didn’t think enough of him to offer him a dog catchers position, he is frustrated with his own inner demons tormenting his soul. Frankie let it go, accept who you are. It is o.k. to give into you most coveted desires. It is o.k. to question yourself and your inability to succeed at anything. We all know that you did not even succeed at your prior position as a perfume sprayeer at The Macy’s cosmetic counter. Frankie we all know you admire Brian and would love nothing more than to assume his identity.

  5. Its interesting that Stack found $60,000 in his budget for “website development” (nothing changed on it) but can’t fund repairs to this building.

    Then again, he has his crony, wife beating Munker, in charge of operations. One shouldn’t expect things at the DPW to be run in a thoughtful and rational manner.

    Get ready for more lawsuits.

  6. That Capt Gonzalez is no good. He is just a thug in a uniform. John is so right why are the police being used to chase the media from reporting the news. That Gonzalez guy makes $200.000 per year for doing nothing. Someone needs to clean that police dept out. Over paid, under worked political bums that is what our police dept is.

  7. I know some Union City Cops they all say that Capt Gonzalez is full of himself. He does all the mayor’s dirty work and treats the men like dirt. Cannot believe he makes $200,000 per year.

  8. Hey! Has anyone seen Joseph Blaettler or did he crawl back under the rock he came from? Oh Joey boy-where are you? Did your funders finally run out of money? You who-oh Joey boy, where are you? I guess Brian’s foot in your butt really did fit. Has anybody seen Joey boy after his appearance at a commissioners meeting when Brian finally shut him up once and for all?