"The students of Explore 2000 Middle School were not "Fashionably Late" in learning about Ancient Civilizations"

At Explore 2000 Middle School in Jersey City, the students put on an educational and fun showcase which they called ” The Fashionably Late Showcase”.

For about three months the students studied and researched Ancient civilizations and answered questions about the conditions that were necessary for survival and what components were needed to begin to develop a civilization. The students also studied the economical and geographical factors that lead to the rise and fall of their specific civilizations. 

The showcase began at 9:00am and started with the student presenting their projects that they spent weeks working on. At Explore 2000, the students are not graded with traditional letter grades, but instead by proficiency, 1 being the lowest and 4 being above average. They push students to remain at at least a 3, however most of the students here at the school strive for 4s. Each group of students ranging from grades 6-8, shared their discoveries from their research to explain their projects.

The last presentation was the “Fashionably late” fashion show  (hosted by “Zeus”) where the students dressed up as Greek gods and judged American Idol style with three judges; Dionysus (Goddess of wine), Terpsichore (god of music) and Maat (goddess of truth and justice) who comically critiqued the other gods and goddesses on the runway.

The parents and teachers are all very proud of the students. The principal Mrs.Amy Lin Rodriguez says that she enjoys the process the students go through every year to bring the showcase together. 

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