Thousands of valuables stolen in Harrison Avenue burglary

Friday night, Harrison Police responded to a report of a burglary in a second-floor apartment on Harrison Avenue.

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Officers met with a man, who says he left his home at approximately 8 pm and when he returned at 10:30 pm, he noticed that his wife’s jewelry was scattered on the bed.

After taking inventory of his valuables, he realized his two Toshiba laptops worth $1,200 each, a $600 Seiko watch, $600 gold chain and gold men’s bracelet 
worth $600 were missing.

There was no damage to the entrance door leading to the apartment or rear entrance door.  The man believes the perpetrator entered through the kitchen window.

Officers looked at the window but found no damage.

The man says he was sure the doors were locked and secured but believes the kitchen window was closed but not locked.

According to the upstairs neighbor, Steve, who was home between 8 pm and 11 pm — he didn’t hear any noises coming from the man’s apartment.