Three arrested after undercover prostitution investigation in Secaucus


SECAUCUS – On March 13th Secaucus officials conducted an undercover investigation in an effort to deter the commission and promotion of prostitution within the town of Secaucus. Due to the concerns of Human Trafficking associated with prostitution, the investigation was recommended and approved by Captain Kevin Flaherty. “We will be conducting undercover detail that will be targeting the offenders as well as prostitutes along with those involved in promoting activity as well as anyone involved in human trafficking,” Captain Flaherty told Hudson County TV.

The investigation on March 13th led to the arrest of three individuals who attempted to engage in prostitution as a patron:

Edmur Bian-Mota, 24, of Kearny, an unknown person who was cleared shortly after and Tom Rosa, 28, of North Bergen, were arrested and released on summons.