Three basic elements of landscape

Some natural and cultural phenomena constitute sufficient cause for aesthetic and appreciation of the scene. Scenery, landscape and sense conditions are three basic elements of landscape.

Scenery is objective factors landscape constituted the basic material, is an individual independent appreciation of the value of landscape material, including mountains, water, plants, animals, air, light, architecture, and others, such as sculpture inscriptions, famous historical sites such as effective landscape material.

King is an active factor in the sense of constituting landscape, subjective reflection of the people to observe the scene, identification and the ability to feel. Such as vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, Lenovo, psychological and so on. With the proviso that constitute constraints landscape, because the means, the scenery is a special relationship between subject and object composed landscape. Including personal, time, place, culture, science and technology, economic and social conditions and the like.

The so-called Landscape (Scenery), is essentially being in certain conditions, to landscape features, as well as the natural landscape.