Clara Brito-Herrera, Ruben Vargas and Clara Perez all received a non-renewal letter.


  1. Vargus because he has no High School Diploma/ or GED and he may be facing 2nd degree OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT because he used his official position to secure unwarrented privileges & Advantages for himself & Others
    Clara the HATCHET WOMAN for a $45,000 unwarranted raise & Tenure(not deserved)
    Perez Mother-in-law-to be # 3
    So Much for Caring for OUR CHILDREN’S EDUCATION!
    This investigation started 2 days after Roque was in office at the May 16,2011 Board of Ed Meeting..Mayor & Commissioners CAUSING DISTURBANCE!!!! See the Video before they try to remove it!

    • Unfortunately! since these R All Personnel matters Generalissimo Felix will not be able to discuss Any of This @ May 15th’s THM.
      The Emperor M Bare Assed Nakid!!!!

  2. They all would have been removed anyway Once the Felix Roque and Silvio Acosta gang are removed from Town Hall.

    Its going to happen soon people!

  3. West New York Resident being robbed, I have a question for you…
    I am curious to know who do you think will take Roque’s place.

  4. And by the way, Brito-Herrera’s daughter also got a good position at one of the district’s schools.

    • @Erica
      The word on the street is that they created that position for her as well. It has never existed before and I don’t know how her name was not listed in the report. The people of WNY should be outraged with the abuse from the top.

    • Erica any info on family members & friends who have job would be greatly appreciated.Also any issues,you or any residents have, if you bring it to our attention it could be REPORTED IN our Newspaper “REAL TALK.” RESIDENTS FOR A BETTER WEST NEW YORK want to Inform & help Residents understand what is REALLY happening in OUR Schools & OUR Town. We encourage all Residents to air their Views & Concerns. All names will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. We will NOT ALLOW this ADMINISTRATION to Harass, intimidate,or threaten any of OUR RESIDENTS any more. My Name is Janice Laffman Zorovich Hmelar & I will use my name for residents wanting to be anonymous. PLEASE No more HEARD we will do it TOGETHER!

      Please follow us on facebook Residentsforabetterwny & REAL TALK WNY

  5. West New York residents the whole board should be accountable,
    The Superintendent and the Board Trustees are responsible
    for their actions especially when they hire on a Commissioner
    without a GED or diploma..
    All residents should attend the next board meeting and ask
    each Trustee how they could hire on this man?

  6. Next Board of Ed meeting May 16th when they will try to appoint SILVIO ACOSTA to the Board..WE NEED RESIDENTS TO SPEAK OUT this is OUR CHILDREN’S lives. and this HAS to STOP! NOW… this Administration is the WORST EVER…So PLEASE all who responded to this article be there 5/16
    (@ Garry so sorry I just read email from last month…will be in touch)