Three month old baby abducted by his dad


Jonathan Lawrence ( 21 ), turned himself in this morning after allegedly put a whole family through hours of terror.  According to the Police Mr. Lawrence showed up at the maternal grandparents residence in Greenport , NY where the baby was residing, after an altercation with the grandfather, Mr. Lawrence then took his son.

The grandfather immediately called the police and gave two possible locations to where he might have gone. First location was 36th st Union city and the second location was 37th St in Union City as well, Union City Police responded to the first location which was the suspect’s grandfathers house, the grandfather assured police officers the suspect didn’t live there and that he hasn’t spoken to him. Police requested and were granted permission to check the apartment with negative results.

Police were unable to gain entry to the second location but made contact with the suspect’s mother; She then agreed to come in and collaborate with NJ/NY Police, when she arrived, Lieutenant Andrinopoulos asked if she has spoken to her son but she would not admit speaking with him. The Police then requested to see her cellphone and found out that the suspect’s number was in the recent call log. After that Lieutenant asked the suspect’s mother to call her son and convince him to turn himself in. When she got in contact with Mr Lawrence he had already saw his picture in the news and agreed to turn himself in .

Mr. Lawrence arrived to the detective bureau and the child was in good health, he was seen by EMS, DYFS and the mother were notified . Amber alert was canceled once child was in police custody. NY state police is charging him with burglary in 1st degree and fugitive from justice.



  1. This was bizzar, how can a person kidnap a child like that. The mom did a good thing in convincing him to turn himself in if not that child could have gotten hurt (God forbid) how can people have the heart to do this, I mean it’s a child for God sake why would you want to kidnap someone else’s kid or kidnap at all.