The following individuals were arrested and charged with several counts of Criminal Mischief, Bias Intimidation and a result of an investigation of three criminal mischief incidents involving graffiti.

  1. Jeremy Marion, 18 year old male, of Cottage Street, Bayonne, NJ.
  2. Seth Lupianez, 19 year old male, of Avenue A, Bayonne, NJ.
  3. Unnamed juvenile male.

The Bayonne Police Department Detective Bureau, with the assistance of the New Jersey Transit Police Department conducted an investigation into three incidents of criminal mischief involving graffiti within the City of Bayonne.  The graffiti in all three incidents involved the writing of the words” ATOMWAFFEN DIVISION” as well as the drawing of several swastikas.

The first graffiti incident occurred in Dennis P. Collins Park on an aluminum sign affixed to a waste basket.

The second graffiti incident was reported on 8th Street between Broadway and Avenue C on the “Faces of Bayonne” portraits.

The third graffiti incident occurred on the 45th Street Light Rail platform on the glass block partition wall.

Comment of Mayor Jimmy Davis:

The Bayonne Police Department asked me to hold off on making public comments about the recent episode of vandalism with swastikas, in order to avoid jeopardizing their investigation.  As a former police captain, I understand the importance of letting an investigation come to a successful conclusion before making announcements about it. I would like to thank the Bayonne Police Department and the New Jersey Transit Police for their patient and successful investigation.


Thousands of Bayonne residents fought against Nazi Germany during World War II.  Our community rejects swastikas, nooses, and all other hateful symbols and everything that they represent.


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