The Town of West New York adopted the New Jersey State Comptroller’s recommended, “Best Practices”, procedures for awarding professional service contracts.

Donald Scarinci, Partner of Scarinci Hollenbeck explains Best Practices that the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller recommends when municipalities award public contracts.

The key elements in “Best Practices are:
1. Make the pool of contractors as expansive as possible.
2. The statement of work should be as clear as possible.
3. The proposals should be analyzed by evaluation criteria that is set in advance and made known to the contractors before the proposals are submitted.
4. An evaluation committee should use the criteria they establish to evaluate the proposals and make recommendations for the award of the contract.

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  1. The Town of West New York adopted the State of New Jersey’s procedures for “best practices” at their commission meeting last night. Here is what “best practices” is about.

    • Does this mean Roque and his gang are going to stop shaking down town employees for campaign contributions? Does this mean Roque will stop giving jobs to his political handles, like Prieto’s son? Does this mean no more tax abatement? Does this mean we can get rid of you Donald since we already have enough lawyers billing us?

  2. Thus far, whomever recommended the appointment of Mr. Scarinci as special counsel to WNY deserves credit. Unlike the Bd. of Ed. firm of Florio, Perucci, et al, which appears to send a different lawyerto each meeting, Mr. Scarinci has attended each meeting, thus far. May he very much continue to do so. No doubt HE was the one who implored WNY to follow the excellent guidelines for Best Practices for hiring contractors as set forth by former NJ Comptroller Boxer. Mr. Scarinci modeled an exemplary (albeit required) compliance with the NJ Local Govt. Ethics Law very recently by recusung himself from discussion of a highly controversial proposed long term abatement deal due to his firm’s past representation as legal counsel to Roseland/Port Imperial LLC, on the 9/19/96 Redeveloper Agreement Albio Sires signed that opened pandora’s box to ruinous long term abatements that have been sucking forced higher municipal, school, and county taxes to be paid by non abated, full tax rateables in WNY.

  3. Looks like a paid info commercial. Last time Scarinci made a comment on HCTV the posting were not to kind. Funny how right after this piece went up HCTV has been having trouble allowing people to post. Things that make you go ummm.

  4. Joseph, we changed our comments platform to “disqus” just because our previous platform got a glitch and still haven’t been able to go around it, however all comments have been already migrated to the new comment platform. 🙂

  5. Day 29 and still no response from Mr. Scarinci to the below questions. Mr. Scarinci said he is an open and honest attorney, then why will he not publicly respond to the below questions?

    1. Donald are you Attorney 1 or 2 in the Ferriero indictment?
    2. Why were you and your cohorts entitled to $30,000 per month from Mills Corp?
    3. Why were you not indicted in the Ferriero matter?
    4. Will you public release the tape recording of you and Dr. Sandoval?